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Objectives :

1. Be able to use explore recycled materials,

techniques and processes of art safely
2. Create an art using recycled items
applying the techniques in art
3. Understand the suitability of materials,
techniques and processes
What materials do you need
to create works of art?
Can these be used as
materials to create art?
Think about these three
REDUCE the amount the amount
of earth resources that we use
REUSE don’t just bin it, could
someone else make use of it
RECYCLE can materials be used
into something new
to make something smaller or
use less, resulting in a smaller
amount of waste
You can reduce the amount of waste
you create by choosing what rubbish
you throw away.
to use again or more than once
Reuse materials and items so that
they have longer life spans and don’t
get thrown away after the first use.
Recycling puts objects through a
process that allows them to be used
Benefits of Recycling
Recycling reduces the need
for land filling and
Recycling prevents
Recycling saves energy
Benefits of Recycling
Recycling decreases emissions of
greenhouse gases that contribute to
global climate change
Recycling conserves natural
Recycling helps sustain the
environment for future generations
Junk Art Man/ Kalakal boy
Jezir Nalam Lascuna
HA Schult:
Famous Recycled Art Artist

 HA Schult is best known for his

‘trash people’. These trash
people have been displayed in
many of the world’s most major
cities from the parks of New York
City to the Great Wall of China.
 It took Schult 6 months and 30 assistants
to create these strange sculptures from
crushed cans, computer parts and
anything else he could find to create
them. What do you think is their purpose
and meaning?
 Trash People: Since 1996, Schult has
displayed one thousand life sized "Trash
People" made from crushed cans, electronic
waste and other rubbish to teach the world
about constant human consumption and
waste. They travelled to major tourist sites
such as Moscow's Red Square (1999), the
Great Wall of China (2001), and the
Pyramids of Giza (2002).
Can these be used as
materials to create art?
Glass bottles

Plastic bottles
Egg cartons
Cans and bottle caps
Recycled Art Project
• Create a piece of artwork using
recycled materials. (Wind Chime)
• Only use recycled material to
create your artwork
• However, you can also use paint
and glue to assemble your work