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Chi Square

Ms Swapna Tamhankar
Qualitative(non parametric) Analysis
Test of Independence
Test of Goodness of fit
• Can we say that
Lower Middle Upper social class and
Zero 7 18 6 no of children
One 9 38 23 are dependent
on each other ?
Two 34 97 58
Three 47 31 30
Colour of • Can we say that
Detergent / income group
White Blue Yellow
Income and color of
detergent are
Low 10 15 55 80
dependent on
Middle 15 45 10 70 each other ?

High 65 5 30 100

90 65 95 250
Country / • The table shows a
Type of India US Europe the number of
Uploads views for different
category of
Personal Life 65 25 150 videos uploaded
on youtube in 3
Product 75 50 400 countries. Does
Reviews the popularity of
Common Tags 35 75 300 youtube uploads
depend on
country of origin.
Testing of hypothesis Revisited
• According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the
average weekly earnings of a production worker in
1997 were $424.20. Suppose a labor researcher wants
to test to determine whether this figure is still accurate
today. The researcher randomly selects 54 production
workers from across the United States and obtains a
representative earnings statement for one week from
each. The resulting sample average is $432.69.
Assuming a population standard deviation of $33.90,
and a 5% level of significance, determine whether the
mean weekly earnings of a production worker have
• A computer manufacturer estimates that its line of
minicomputers has, on average, 8.4 days of downtime
per year. To test this claim, a researcher contacts seven
companies that own one of these computers and is
allowed to access company computer records. It is
determined that, for the sample, the average number
of downtime days is 5.6, with a sample standard
deviation of 1.3 days. Assuming that number of down-
time days is normally distributed, test to determine
whether these minicomputers actually average 8.4
days of downtime in the entire population. Let a = .01.
• Q.4 The length of similar components
produced by a company are approximated by
a normal distribution model with a mean of 5
cm and a standard deviation of 0.02 cm. If a
component is chosen at random
a) What is the probability that the length
of this component is between 4.98 and
5.02 cm?
• b) More than 3.26 cm ?
• Q.5 A multiple choice questions test consists
of 8 questions with 3 options to each question
(one out of 3 being the right answer to the
question). For a student to score distinction he
has to get 75 % of the total questions right i.e
6. If there is no negative marking in the test,
find the probability of the students scoring
distinction using binomial distribution.
• Q.6 A shoe manufacturing company wants to
know the proportion of defectives produced
by them. From a sample of 500 shoes 10
shoes were found to be defective, construct
90% and 95 % confidence interval for the
proportion of the defective shoes?