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She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

The shells she sells are surely seashells.
So if she sells shells on the seashore,
I'm sure she sells seashore shells.
Using Indirect words
“Why are you selling souvenirs on the
streets?” Mishkin asked.

“This is everybody’s home,” the boy

Mishkin wondered, “Fighting does not stop.”

An older boy commented, “You do not belong here.”

Other boys ordered, “Get out of here.”

Direct Speech Indirect Speech
Marjie told her
“Classmates, the story
classmates that the story
we will read is about
they would read was
Mishkin, a boy from
about Mishkin, a boy
Jerusalem,” Marjie said.
from Jerusalem.
“I want Princess May to Teacher Joy added that
explain the moral of the she wanted Princess May
story,” teacher Joy to explain the moral of
added. the story.
Direct speech or direct discourse is the exact words of
the speaker. The quoted words are usually separated
from the rest of the sentence by a comma.
Indirect speech is a report of a speaker’s words or
The Proud King
The proud king fled. He knew no place to go.
“I wish I were dead,” the king said to himself.
By and by he reached the lake where he had bathed. He sat down on the shore. It was like a dream,
but he knew he was awake, for he was cold and hungry and faint. Then, he knelt on the ground, and he said,
“I am no emperor and king but a sinful man.”
As he beat his breast, he continued, “I thought there was no one greater than I on Earth and in
Then crying, the king said, “God forgive me for my pride.”
He rose, put on his clothes, mounted his horse, and rode to the palace. As he drew near the door
opened and servants came forth.
One held his horse; another helped him dismount.
“I did not see you go out my Lord,” the porter said.
As the king entered, the queen and the nobles came forward to meet him. The man who called
himself an emperor earlier also came forward. He was now clad in shining white. The king bowed his head
before him.
“I am your angel,” the man said. “You were proud and now you are humble.” The king was silent.
I have watched over your kingdom in your absence, and now I give it back to you,” the man added. Then the
angel disappeared.
From then on, the king ruled wisely and humbly.
Change the following into indirect speech. Answer it on
your one half sheet of paper.
1.Teacher Joan reminded, “Class, come early to school
2.“We will come before seven o’clock in the morning,” the
pupils said.
3.Chrixan thought, “The trip to the museum is rather long.”
4.Jiesel added, “We will leave the school at exactly eight
5.“Attendance will be checked 15 minutes before the
departure,” Joerge Kent suggested.
On your paper, change each indirect speech to
direct speech.
1.Dave told the class that he tremendously
enjoyed the trip.
2.Erich reported that attendance in the trip was
3.Russana told Ian to take pictures of the