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Tailored Professional Development Program for

Vietnamese Teacher Trainers of English, Batch 9

6 June – 21 October 2011

Use of IT in the Classroom:

Resources to Build
Vocabulary Lessons
Dr. Alexander Arguelles

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 1

Dr. Alexander Arguelles
• Now that you have systematically
reviewed which dictionaries and
thesauruses are best for you and your
students to use, you are also in a better
position to plan vocabulary lessons.
• The Web is so full of sites and sources
that finding and selecting the best ones
can be difficult, but those that follow can
all be recommended:

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 2

Dr. Alexander Arguelles
General guidelines on vocabulary
• Audio answers to important questions
about vocabulary teaching:
• Guidelines for teaching vocabulary:

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 3

Dr. Alexander Arguelles
Ready Made Materials & Lessons
• 65 Individual Vocabulary Lessons:
• Lesson Plans Central
• Lesson Plans Page:
• Stone Fox vocabulary activities
• Bill Klepper
• Bingo Lingo

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 4

Dr. Alexander Arguelles
Concept Definition Maps
• Lesson Plan
• Teacher Resources
• Other Graphic Organizers
Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 5
Dr. Alexander Arguelles
Jan Brett Dolch Word Lists
• Basic Word Lists:
• High Frequency Word Lists:
• Worksheets and Resources:
• Activities:

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 6

Dr. Alexander Arguelles
Vocabulary Compendium Sites
• English Media Lab (vocabulary videos)
• ESL Gold (study and learning materials)
• Instructors Web (lesson plans, worksheets)
• Vocabulary (activities, lists, sites)
• Web English Teacher (various links)

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 7

Dr. Alexander Arguelles
Vocabulary Tools
• Word List Generator
• AntConc 3.2.1w
• Range
Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 8
Dr. Alexander Arguelles
Computer Lab Activity
• Investigate and review the sites listed above to
select as much material as you can that will be
useful for you to incorporate into your lesson
planning upon return to Vietnam. Explore as
many links as you like on the suggested sites,
but do not explore vocabulary games today, as I
will provide a separate lists of recommendations
for these next time.
• Take one specific lesson that you have taught
before and change/update it by integrating as
much new material as possible to show the class
next time.

Copyright 2011 - SEAMEO RELC 9

Dr. Alexander Arguelles