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S.Y. 2019-2020
1. Arrange the following steps in locating the epicenter of an earthquake.
I. Locate the point where all three intersect
II. Draw circles to represent each distance on a map
III. Measure the interval to the closest second and use a graph to convert the S-P interval
to the epicentral devices
IV. Determine the time interval between the arrival of the P and S waves on the
seismograms from at least three different stations

2. The ages of the following inactive fault lines are as follows 500 yrs., 450 yrs. ,600yrs.
and 200 yrs. Which of the given fault lines store great amount of potential energy?
A. 500 yrs. B. 600 yrs. C. 200 yrs. D. 450 yrs.

3. The following are the basis of scientists in dividing earth’s lithosphere into several
plates except
A. Seismicity
B. Volcanism
C. Formation of ridges
D. Mountain formation

4. A news reporter describes the severity of the recent earthquake in terms of the effects
on the earth’s surface, humans and structure in Surigaodel Sur, what characteristic of an
earthquake is being described?
A. Energy
B. Damage
C. Intensity
D. Magnitude
5. Which best explains the statement “earthquakes are not randomly distributed over
the earth’s surface”?
A. Located in distinct zones
B. Located in several places
C. Located where no human beings
D. Located in places where there are cliffs

6. A volcanic island was formed at the mantle plume the first volcano is the eldest,
which volcano is the youngest and the most active?
A. The mid volcano of the volcanic island
B. The last volcano found on top of the plume
C. The volcano nearest to the youngest one
D. The second volcano nearest to the eldest one

7. Which of the following event that causes the formation of the Sulu trench?
A. Subducting Philippine Sea plate beneath the archipelago
B. Philippine Mobile belt collided with the Sundaland Block
C. Downward movement of oceanic lithospheres underneath Philippine Archipelago
D. Part of the Highland sections of the Sundaland block of the Eurasian Plate

8. Arrange the following elements that are found in the earth’s crust according to the
most abundant to the least abundant.
I. Hydrogen II. Silicon III. Aluminum IV. Magnesium
A. Si, Al, Mg, H C. Si, Mg, Al, H
B. H, Mg,Al,Si, D. Al, Mg, Si, H
9. A mechanical vibration that occur inside the earth which is caused by the breakage of
A. Love waves
B. Body waves
C. Rayleigh waves
D. Seismic waves

10. Instruments that were used by scientist in viewing the ocean floors
A. Ultrasonic
B. Reflecting telescope
C. Refracting telescope
D. Sonars and submersibles

11. It is the most active sites of Seafloor Spreading

A. Pacific Ocean
B. Oceanic Ridge
C. East Pacific Rise
D. Mid Atlantic Ocean

12. How far do the plates move away from each other every year?
A. 14 cm/yr
B. 2 to 2.5 cm/yr
C. .2 to .25 m/yr
D. 2 to 2.5 m/yr
13. If the Pacific Ocean is widening at 4 cm per year how far in cm. will it spread in a
million years?
A. 4 x 106 cm
B. 4 x 107 cm
C. 4 x 105 cm
D. 4 x 108 cm

14. How long will continents be moving if the distance between them is 4000 cm.?
(Rate= 2cm/yr)
A. 2000 yr
B. 8000 yr
C. 9000 yr
D. 20000 yr

15. It helps explain the formation and destruction of the earth’s crust and it’s movement
over time.
A. Seafloor spreading
B. Magnetic reversal
C. Plate tectonic theory
D. Continental Drift theory

16. Which best describes convection current?

A. Current in the crust
B. Formation of hot lava
C. Destruction of the earth’s crust
D. Drives the plate to move around
17. When does magnetic reversal occur?
I. South pole becomes the North pole
II. North pole is transformed into a south pole
III.South geographic pole becomes the north geographic pole
IV North geographic pole becomes the south geographic pole
A. I and II B. I and III C. III and IV D. II and III

18. What most likely to happen if there is the continuous movement of the lithosphere
over the asthenosphere?
A. All the continents will entirely disappear
B. Mountains in the Philippines will become active
C. Locations of the continents will be different as they are now
D. Big and small islands of the Philippines will become scattered

19. Who were the two scientist who proposed the theory of seafloor spreading in the
early 1960’s?
A. F.Vine and D Mathews
B. John Butler and Arthur
C. Harry Hess and Robert Dietz
D. Carles Darwin and james Hutton

20. Which best describes the outer core?

A. soft weak layer
B. temperature of 20000C
C. made of solid iron and nickel
D. compact despite of very hot temperature
21. What causes the formation of Mid-Atlantic Ocean?
A. Separation of the African and Arabian Plate
B. Convergence of the Indian and Eurasian Plate
C. Moving apart of the South American and African Plate
D. Convergence of the Eurasian Plate and African Plate

22. Sequence the following scenario when oceanic crust meets continental crust.
I. Oceanic crust undergoes continental crust
II.Mantle is hotter than the crust, subducted crust melt forming magma
III.Volcanic activities occur on the continental plate
IV. less dense magma rise up while more dense magma sink

23. Two oceanic plates separate each other, which of the following will be the effect?
A. Linear sea
B. Rift valley formation
C. Numerous normal faults
D. Creation of new sea floor

24. Which of the following proves the existence of the boundary between crust and the
I. they differ in thickness
II. when wave passes from the crust to the mantle velocity increases
III. When wave passes from the crust to the mantle velocity decreases
IV.T he density of the media where wave passes through is different
A. I only B. II and IV C. III and IV D. I and IV
25. Arrange the following statements on how volcanoes are formed.
Magma rises through cracks
Rocks melt formed magma
From cracks volcanoes are formed
High heat and lower pressure caused rocks to melt

26. What most likely to happen when plates drift away from each other?
A. Earth is getting larger
B. Earth is getting smaller
C. Formation of many sea floors
D. Formation of new sea floor and destruction of an old sea floor

27. Which best describes the occurrence of Seafloor spreading?

A. Old sea floor is destroyed at the subduction zone
B. There are rocks and magnetic stripes in the ocean floor
C. Hot magma cools down and becomes the new sea floor
D. Formation of rocks and the magnetic stripes in the ocean floor

28. One of the evidences of Wegener that Drifted occurred is the continental jigsaw puzzle
which does not fit together?
A. South America and Africa
B. Eurasia and North America
C. India, Antarctica, and Australia
D. South America ,Africa and Australia