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Suman Adak

Technical Team Lead, TCUP(IOT)

 Role and Background
– Suman has over 11+ years of software development experience with TCS performing various
roles. My main area of focus includes Big Data management, Web Service, API Gateway,
Identity and access management, cloud Application Deployment, web portal, machine learning,
data visualization and analytic. He has been working in developing and architect the various
TCUP platform and services. His domain. He has good development experience in node.js
,java, lua, redis, elasticsearch,nginx,docker. Suman serves as a senior technical team lead for
the last 6 years and manages 9 members strong technical team in various product development
phases. He is the key contributor in TCUP platform architecture from the beginning.
 Representative Accomplishments
– Successfully designed and developed many services in TCUP including
• 1) TCUP user/admin web portal 2) API Gateway and API log management software, 3)
TCUP Task service for distributed job execution 4) Application Deployment service, 5)
Database Service 6) TCUP data Explorer 7) TCUP ML toolkit and API 8) TCUP Identity
and Access management Service
• He is a key contributor for API Sandbox, portal design and Restful API design and
Analytics workflow( task workflow). Also he published 1 patent and 1 paper in international
 Background
– Master of Technology (Computer Science) from DAVV, Indore