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Computer Aided Embroidery

A computer aided embroidery machine translates sketches

drawn by hand or by using a computer into stitched
designs very quickly.
Designs can be simple single embroidery or built up to more
complex images.
You can use computer aided embroidery to over layer other
techniques such as Bondaweb or batik. Designs can be
copied in by using a hand scanner or a computer programme
called PEdesign.
Designing embroidery for a cushion
Because we will be using a hand scanner to create our log, you will
need to remember a number of things:

1. The maximum size of the logo – why?:

2. You can only draw your designs in 50mm

black – why?

3. You must think about how detailed your designs are – the scanner is
not able to cope with very fine lines or writing.

Which one of these designs will scan in the best ?

Designing embroidery for a cushion
If you are using the computer to design you will need to think
about the following aspects:

• draw/print the design with plenty of space around it ,

making sure your designs are not on the very edge of
the page. The scanner will pick up the edge of the
page and register it as a line and spoil your design.

• check the size of your design before you print it

to avoid wasting resources.

• print two sizes of the design on one page – one

slightly bigger but apart in the middle of the page.
Draw a range of possible ideas for computerised embroidery,

Three squares inside

each other – a simple
but effective design

This is the best

design – the circle
The bolder lines looks
changing into a
These swirl designs are not
The outline as interesting as the others.
shape is
really good
but the
middle of the
design needs
to be clearer

Which is your
design and why?
How to use the embroidery machine
touch screen
embroidery machine.

Take your embroidery embroidery arm.

machine and plastic
embroidery frame for the
machine. Select your
design on the touch screen.
How to use the embroidery machine

Separate the frame top and bottom

and thread the machine and the
bobbin in the colours you
would like the embroidery to be in.
How to use the embroidery machine

Place your backing fabric into the frame. This

helps to keep the fabric firm and avoids the
design from stretching.
How to use the embroidery machine
Place your fabric into the frame,
checking it’s not folded anywhere
especially on the underneath. The fabric
needed to be tight in the frame for the
embroidery machine to work properly.
How to use the embroidery machine

Place the top onto the frame to

sandwich all layers together.
Make sure the fabric is tight.
How to use the embroidery machine

Slide the frame into the arm of the embroidery

machine. Check that the frame is in
correctly and that the fabric is not folded
underneath anywhere. Check your
embroidery is correctly placed and to the right size Touch screen.
(on the touch screen)
embroidery arm.
How to use the embroidery machine

Press the green embroider button and let the machine do

all the work.
It will then begin sewing your design. If you have any
problems like a needle breaks or broken thread press the
green button to stop the machine.
The machine will indicate to you any problems.

Green button.
How to use the embroidery machine

Check every thing is alright (if you need to

you can run the machine again as it will
then match up with the rest before you
move the frame or fabric)
Once you have finished take the frame out
of the machine carefully.
How to use the embroidery machine

Cut the threads on you embroidery

to tidy it up and you’ve finished!
Well done!
Examples of embroidery designs Layered fabric cut
back after embroidery

design ideas

outline embroidery

filled embroidery designs

Examples of embroidery designs
inspiration sources

design ideas

outline embroidery designs

of baking designs
Examples of embroidery designs
Examples of embroidered cushions