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Water, Sanitation and

Hygiene in Schools
(WinS) Program
Deped order number 10, s 2016
 Adequate and safe drinking water
 Clean water for handwashing, toilet use,
menstrual hygiene, cleaning purposes
 Available to all students during school hours
 Rain catchment Systems
 Cleaning and regular maintenance activities
 Regular monitoring
 Adequate, clean, functional, safe and
accesible toilet facilities
 Maintain cleanliness and safety in
immediate vicinity of school premises
through school based solid waste
 Proper drainage and elimination of all
possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes to
prevent vector borne disease
 Ensure safety in food handling and
 Functional toilets with individual washing facilities for
boys and girls
 Regular cleaning and maintenance of toilets and
washing facilities
 Regular supply of soap and water
 Correct information on hand washing and use of
 Prohibition in the burning of garbage in compliance
with Republic Act No. 9003, the Ecological Solid
Waste Management Act of 2000
 All students in school shall perform
supervised daily group
handwashing with soap
 Toothbrushing with flouride
 System and support mechanisms
for effective menstrual hygiene
management shall be ensured in
Health Education
 All teachers, School heads, facilities
coordinators and health personnel shall be
oriented on the DepEd WinS program.
 Trained teachers can conduct Health
Education in coordination with community
leaders during PTA meetings
 All pupils shall have a higher awareness of
correct hygiene and sanitation practices
and develop positive health behaviors
 At least 85 % of all students shall be
dewormed semi annually
 Parental or guardians consent for semi
annual deworming is obtained
 Done in full stomach to reduce adverse
 Any adverse events shall be handled
based on Guidelines on --- Deworming
and management of events
 Coordination with other partners
6. Capacity Building

 All
DepEd WinS program
implementers shall undergo
orientation on program as
 Act of scrubbing teeth with a toothbrush
equipped with toothpaste
 Help prevent cavities and other gum
disease that causes 1/3 of adult tooth loss
 Should be done at least 2x a day
 2-3 minutes
Steps in Proper
 Replace toothbrush regularly
 You can use mouthwash or salt
water after
 Visit the dentist at least once a year
 Hand hygiene
 Act of cleaning hands for the
purpose of removing soil, dirt and
 Reduce the spread of diarrheal
and respiratory illness so you can
stay healthy
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