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World War III

Table of contents
• Introduction
• Purpose .
• Predictions about WW3.
• Global Warfare
• Possible causes leading towards.
• Nations involved in WW3
• Pakistan’s Role and Strategic Location.
• War situations & conclusion
• War is a state of armed conflict between
different nations or states or different groups
within a nation or state.
• World War 3 is a hypothetical worldwide
military conflict between the superpowers of
the world.
• WW3 closely refer to limited or smaller
conflicts such as the Cold War or the War on
• The ultimate purpose of this Conspiracy is
• The purpose of this presentation is to create
awareness among all of us, To think before
act, what reasons may cause world war 3.
• Those who seek power will be corrupted by it.
• This corrupting nature of the very pursuit of
power explains the purpose of the moral
World War III Scenario
• The World Commanders' Areas of Responsibility
defines the Pentagon's global military design,
which is one of World conquest.
• The present context is characterised by a global
military build-up controlled by one World
• Global warfare is based on the coordinated
deployment of a single dominant military power,
which oversees the actions of its allies and
Global Warfare
• The longer term military objective is to
directly target China and Russia.
• The recent actions of the US military off the
coast of North Korea including the conduct of
war games are part of a global design.
• Allied military exercises, war drills, weapons
deployments, etc. are being conducted
simultaneously in major geopolitical hotspots.
Possible causes leading towards the

• The basic cause of modern war is the

international rivalries inseparable from
capitalism and class's domination of the
world's resources.
Arms and nuclear weapons

• Investment in technology and destructive weaponry systems.

• Risk of a nuclear catastrophe is greater now than it was during
the Cold War.
• ‘A nuclear conflict could bring an end to our civilization and
this is to a great extent a hidden threat’. (William Perry, )
Information Technology
• Successful massive hack of tactical level of nuclear weapons
control systems and initialization of nuclear attack from
• Massive cyber attack on critical infrastructure from strong
enemy power.
• use of computers with complicated SW in command and
control systems.
• world’s 37 large aquifers are severely water-stressed.
• Discrimination in curing a disease may lead to conflict and
violence and aggression for the right to life and health.
• Lack of sources of energy such as Hydroelectricity, wind and
nuclear technology food , water etc.
• buffer zones” between two hostile enemies
• Expansion of territories .
• ‘To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of
preserving peace.’
• — George Washington
• The middle east crisis is a glaring example of this form of
territory expansion.
• one of the causes as world war two fought between states over
markets, trade routes and sources of raw materials.
• It was not about democracy or fascism.
• The object of which is to acquire control over markets.
• Territories rich in mineral and other resources .
• Most important reason .
Religion & Nationalism
• Religious conflict can turn into full war and important cause.
• Religious wars can often be tied in with other reasons for
conflict, such as nationalism, or seeking revenge for a
perceived historical slight from the past
• Invasion in nationalism .
• Imperialism results in wars .
• Nationalism, can be racism, as Hitler’s Germany, who went to
war with Russia partly because the the Nazis believed to be an
inferior race.
Civil & Revolutionary war
• This occur due to disagreements.
• How to rule ? Or who to rule ?
• Civil Wars can also be sparked by separatist groups wanting to
form their own, independent country,
• Revolutionary wars occur ;
1. Not satisfied with ruling .
2. Economic hardships , injustice .
3. Unpopular wars with other countries.
Defensive wars
• Their wars are just !! They argue that they are fighting in a
purely defensive capacity against an aggressor.
• These defensive wars can be especially controversial .
• when they are launched pre-emptively, the argument
essentially be is ;
• “we are attacking them, before they attack us.”
• This create chaos and bring wars .
Positive false alarms
• We have been near the WW3 because of false alarms.!!
• the Soviet Union's early-warning systems detected an
incoming missile strike from the United States
• To counter it they have retaliate with a nuclear attack of its
• Petrov decided not to report them to his superiors, and
instead dismissed them as a false alarm.
• Disputes over a group of islands, known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the
Diaoyu islands in China.

• World’s top notch Economies.


• The impact of Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA), threat to

Pakistan and China.

• Anti Muslim policies.

• China’s response to Trump-Modi alliance.

• Declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by Trump.

• US and Israeli airstrikes in Gaza, violating the ceasefire agreement.

• International condemnation and World Wide protests.


• Shia – Sunni conflict.

• Execution of Nimr Al – Nimr.

• Expulsion of Iranians from Saudi Arabia.


• Kulbhusan Jadhev’s Issue.

• Ceasefire violation on almost daily basis.

• India’s involvement in Anti-Pakistan campaigns.

• Non-seriousness of Kim Jong Un towards disarmament.

• Nuclear tests by North Korea.

• Involvement of Japan, South Korea and China.

• ISIS’s control over Syria.

• US Airstrikes in Syria against ISIS.


• Rohingya Muslim Genocide in Burma.

• Muslims’ migration to Bangladesh and other neighborhood countries.

• International condemnation
• Russia accused of meddling in 2016 US Presidential elections.

• Reduction of US Diplomatic staff in Russia.

• Putin’s support to North Korea.

Pakistan role

•Pakistan is one of the 8 and only muslim country to

posses nuclear power
•Pakistan’s army is well known in their reprected field
and is well armed
•Pakistan’s agencies are also known as very best
•Pakistan almost manufacture there own weapons so it
will be easy for army to be prepared
•Pakistan will lead Muslim country as its only Muslim country with nuclear
•Pakistan forces are well known and well armed
•Pakistan can become the major power in WW3 as they proxy war in Pakistan
is already causing many problems
•Pakistan china alliance can be handy in the recent war to come as china is a
strong supporter of Pakistan due to its geo political location
•Another important factor is that KSA is allying with the NATO so if Pakistan
take a decision to stand against NATO and US It can affect the relations with
KSA and Muslim alliance countries.
•Prior to the 20th Century, there had never been a war with one
million fatalities. Then came World War I in 1914, with 8.2 million
•Twenty years later, 52 million people died in World War II” With the
founding of the United Nations we had hoped that the solution to
world peace was at hand
•This war that is coming will kill 2.2 billion, forty times World War II.
It will be the worst war ever.
•due to new technology is invented , biological weapons can cause
massive genocide all around the world it not only effect the human
population but also the animals and nature
Conclusion/ After The WAR .
• Einstein predicted that if the world war 3 broke out it
would be massive destruction and billions of lives will
be lost.
 Albert Einstein
'I know not with what weapons World War III will be
fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and
 World war 3 will be total destruction!! .