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Common Curriculum

An easy, fun, & simple way to tackle lesson plans

(& much more!)
Why this program?

Common Curriculum caught my attention right away. The program has beautiful graphics, easy-
to-use features, and a straight-forward, simple design. There is a variety of useful things CC can
allow me to do, like creating my own class website, collaborating and sharing lesson plans with
other teachers, and I can even track my core curriculum progress, letting me know what lessons
I’ve covered and what required material still needs to be done.

The website itself was also incredibly helpful, as CC has its own blog, complete with tutorials,
tips, and tricks to help me make the most out of my Common Curriculum experience!
What did I learn in my research?

While I was researching, I learned that there are quite a few programs that can help teachers with
things like lesson planning, communication, and scheduling. Common Curriculum seemed the
most useful for the things I would personally want to implement the most as a teacher, but there
are quite a few amazing programs and websites that will definitely come in handy!

It had never really occurred to me that programs like this exist and I am certainly thrilled to learn
about all the different, handy sites that can aid me through my teaching career!
Some Youtube tutorials: • Lesson Plan Tutorial • Common Curriculum Overview • Common Curriculum Overview

What can Common Curriculum
do? In the Basic Package In the Pro Package In the School Package
(free) ($7/month) ($90 / teacher / year)
• Daily, weekly, and monthly lesson • Unit planning • Organize school planbooks in
planning • Automatic standards tracking one place
• Search & add core curriculum • Print or download a day, week, • Organize teachers into teams
standards to lesson plans month, or unit • Share templates with entire
• Post lessons to Google • Post lessons to an auto- school
Classroom updating class website for • Manage school membership
• Print or download individual students & parents
lessons • Edit, comment on, & re-use
• Edit, comment on, & re-use plans with anyone in the school
• Re-use lessons from past years
plans with up to 5 • Free, unlimited training
• Upload files from your collaborators
computer, Google Drive,
Dropbox, or Office 365
How can I use CC as a teacher?
I can create lesson plans and track which lessons I still need to

I can set up a website so parents can follow along with what their
kids are learning, and how they can enhance learning at home.

I can collaborate with other teachers to ensure that we’re all on the
same page.
What challenges might I
The biggest problem I might encounter is the cost
of the program. However, the pro package is
inexpensive and contains all the features I would
most likely utilize.
What about the cost?
Depending on how I want to use this program in my classroom, the cost can range from $7/month – roughly $1000 / year.

There are three packages to choose from: Basic, Pro, and School

The Basic Package is completely free, but lacks some of the features that I was really excited to utilize, such as the class website.

The Pro Package is really affordable, at only $7 per month, if billed monthly. If billed annually, it would cost less than $5 every
month, for a total of only $60 per year! This package also includes all the features that I would want to use, and I can still share
lessons and collaborate with up to 5 other teachers.

The School Package seems a bit expensive, but is intended to be used completely school-wide. This package costs $90 per
teacher, per year. If used by 20 teachers, this will cost about $1,800 per year! However, this particular package is very focused on
a team dynamic, and allows all teachers to communicate freely, share lesson plans and templates, and become really interactive
with each other and the program.