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 Statutory compliance of any employer employing

more than 20 employees.

 12% of the salary will be deducted from
the employees.
 The same % will be contributed by the employer
also. And administrative charges of 1.61% also is to
be paid by the employer
 Employees contribution and 1/3 of employer’s
contribution will be deposited into EPF account
 2/3 of the employer’s contribution will be
deposited to the EPS (Employee pension scheme)
 PF account of an employee can be transferred
to the new employer when a job switch
happens. This allows the employee to
continue with the PF without any breaks and
thus can have the entire benefits offered
under EPF scheme.
 For this form 13 R is to be submitted along
with break certificate from the previous
 A saving for the future of the employee after
his/her retirement or for his dependents in
case of his/her early death.
 PF Loans.
After 5 years of remitting contribution – 36 times
the salary or amount in the account – whichever is
 Employee Pension Scheme.
After 10 years of remitting contribution one
becomes eligible for pension
 Form 9 Register book allotted for the employer

 Form 13(Revised) for transfer of PF from one employer to another

 Form 2 Form for registering an employee for EPF

 Form 12 A for giving monthly details of contribution by the

 Employer and employee.

 Form 5 for giving details of newly registering employment

 Form 10 for cancellation of PF account

 Form 6A Annual Statement of all the remittances

 Form 3A Annual Individual Statement for employees

 Form 19 for refund of EPF

 Form 10c for refund of pension

ESI is a social security measure which tries to
protect employees and their dependants from
unexpected incidents like
accidents,illness,death etc.

Every organization employing more than

20 employees or power using industries
employing 10 or more employees should
cover their employees with the ESI.
Employee’s share 1.75% of

Employer’s share 4.75% of

 Employee should remit at least nine months
contribution to get the full benefits of ESI
 Benefits include Treatment benefit, Sickness
Benefit, Maternity benefit, Disability
 Out Patient treatment
 House visit
 Specialist consultation, diagnostic facilities
 In patient treatment
 Medicines and dressings-free of cost
 X-ray and lab facilities
 Vaccinations
 Ambulance facilities, traveling expenses
 Free food during hospitalization
 Artificial limbs, equipments for physical rehabilitation
 Family welfare programmes,other national health mission
 Medical certification
 Special facilities including super specialty facilities.
Sickness benefit.
Maternity benefit.
Disability Benefit.
Temporary disability, Permanent disability
Dependants' benefit.
Other benefits.
 It is the payment given to an insured employee for a certified
illness after the completion of nine months in his/her job.
 For getting this benefit employee should have remitted at
least 78 days share in the respective contribution period.
 Maximum of 91 days benefit can be received.
 Payment amount can vary from Rs. 14 to Rs. 145.
 Just above the daily wages of the employee.
 This is the payment given to an insured woman on
pregnancy,abortion,pregnancy related illnesses, immature
delivery etc.
 A medical officer or mid wife should certify this in order to
get the benefit.
 The insured woman should have two contribution periods
before her pregnancy and at least 70 days share should have
remitted during theses periods.
 The amount given is almost equal to the daily wages.
 12 weeks’ payment is given normally for pregnancy.
 It is the payment given to the employee who is unable to work
because of any temporary disability happened during his/her
 The amount will be not less than 70% of daily wages.
 This benefit cannot be given if the disability is for less than three
days excluding the day on which accident occurred.

2 Permanent disability benefit

This is a life long periodic payment given to the insured
employees who gets permanently disabled because of any
accident occurred at the work site.
 In case of the death of the insured person, if the death
occurred due to any accident occurred during the work or any
occupational deceases a pension will be given to his/her
 Pension will be given to the spouse until his/her death or gets
re married.
 the amount will be equivalent to 3/5 of disability benefit.
 Amount equivalent to 2/5 of disability benefit will be paid to
mother as well as children who are under 18 years of age.
 Funeral benefits
a maximum of Rs.2500/-

 Rehabilitation allowance.
 Form 1 – employee declaration form for getting registered
under ESI
 Form 1 - Employer’s registration form
 Form 3 – Return of declaration form
 Form 11 – Accident book
 Form 5 - Return of contributions