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c Traditional Oral Essay

c Participatory Lecture
c Lecture with Completed Handouts
c Feedback Lecture
c Mediated Lecture
c jntroducing new topics
c Stimulate student͛s interests
c jntegrating and synthesizing knowledge
c Clarifying concepts
c ͞lecture is valuable where knowledge is
advancing rapidly and up-to-date textbooks
are not available͟
c Economical
c Makes topics more interesting
c Live demonstrations
c Helps develops listening abilities
c Puts listeners in a passive role
c Few objectives are met
c Surface learning
c Not conducive for individuals learning needs.
c Attention problem
c Objectives of the lecture
c Time taken to cover the content
c Difficulty of material
c Ability level of audience
c Hierarchical or classical lecture
-information is grouped, divided, and subdivided in
typical outline form.
j. why we need different research design
jj. Research Design
A. Experimental ( Clinical Trial)
2. Pre-experimental
B. Correlational
1. Ex Post Facto (Comparative)
2. Retrospective and Prospective
3. Cross Sectional and Longitudinal
c Problem-Centered Format
jnfection Antibiotics, Fluids
Problem: Fever} Hypotheses: jnflammation Heat Application
Dehydration Fluids and Electrolytes

c Comparative Structure
c Thesis Format
c Controlling Anxiety
c Spontaneity
c Voice Quality
c Body Language
c Speed of Delivery
c Getting off the Right foot
c Clarifying on the Lecture
c Facilitating retrieval from memory
c Formal
c jnformal
c Application of Principles, concepts and
c Clarification of jnformal Concepts
c Learns Group problem Solving
c Helps in evaluating beliefs and positions
c Changing Attitudes and Values
c Takes a lot of time
c Expensive strategy
c Monopoly of discussion
c Unpreparedness
c Make your Expectations Clear
c Set the ground rules
c Arrange the physical Space
c Plan a discussion starter
c Facilitate, don͛t discuss
c Encourage quiet group members
c Don͛t allow monapolies
c Direct Discussion among group members
c Keep discussion on track
c Clarifying when confusion reigns
c Tolerate some silence
c Summarize when appropriate.