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What to
SWOT Analysis
Key Success
Long term prospect

Target Market
Marketing Strategy
Distribution & Promotion

Design and Development Plan

Financial Analysis
• Milk tea came into existence in
Taiwan, when the beverage was
created during the 1980’s.
Although it is known which
exact Taiwanese shop is the
creator of milk tea, several
shops speculated to be the
• Throughout the years, coffee is
widely taken among the Filipino
population, milk tea is also fighting
to grab the attention of the Filipinos
by making them switch to drinking
milk teas. With the introduction of
this tea in the early 1980s, people
who are conscious about their health
have preferred drinking it. Although
tea is considered healthy drink
Filipinos are not really fond of
drinking it as they still prefer coffee,
mainly due to the influence of
Spanish and Americans.
Our vision is to help create
the best tasting teas that
marked as one of the shop’s
highly reputable market that
could attract visitors within
the region as well as from the
other place.
Our mission is to help create a
different milk tea drinking
experience that would leave
customers satisfied and looking
forward to more. Moreover, the
business aim to go on extra mile in
giving its clients the ultimate
revitalizing stay by offering
luscious milk tea beverages
providing efficient and friendly
service a midst, a clean and cozy
A strong distribution employed efficient and
channel which will competent employees who
understand the beverage market
ensure that our milk and know what it will take to take
tea penetrates and is in us to the top. Also, our owners
reach of our customers who have the required
experience needed to ensure that
who are far away we become the brand we intend
to be.
Our weaknesses stem from
We would be battling
the fact that this is not a
with other healthy drinks
known segment and so
there will be more difficulty in the market in order to
breaking into this market create an identity and
and attracting the needed stand out.
customers especially from
the carbonated drinks share
We have several We are building a brand
opportunities that are that we want to ensure is
available to us and attractive to global
they abound in the fact investors and partners.
that we intend to
continually introduce
new products and
Due to the fact that ·Another threat and challenge
Another factor is bad
are that people may claim to
every business economy which often have health issues which may
experiences threats, leads to lower disposable prevent them from taking your
we expect to income and per capital milk tea. Regardless of the
threats we are going to face,
experience strong income; this implies that we are optimistic that we
competition from new only a few people would would come out tops as we
competition in same be patronizing your milk have laid down strategies to
ensure we are proactive to
location or around us. tea shop day in day out. these issues.

• Be service-oriented and
exceed customer
• Develop finest product.
• Employ strict financial
Demand for the industry is expected to
increase over the next 3 years, as the
economy is in good health and the
unemployment continues to contract.
Annual sales are expected to grow at
___percent for the next 3 years,
reaching___million in 2021. Businesses
in this industry anticipate in merger and
acquisition activity to develop their
brand names and increase market
Fries Milktea Pasta Burger
Age: 15-60+ years old
Gender: Male and Female
Occupation: Students and anyone who
love to drink milktea at work or after work.
Income: Middle and high earners
Geographic: Around the areas of
In order to reach out consumers’

attention we decided to use mass media

like outdoor ads for advertising and

promotions. This outdoor ad is those

printed tarpaulins that can be seen

everywhere. An advertising strategy is a

plan to reach and persuade a customer to

buy a product or a service.

PROMOTION STRATEGY Promotion strategy aims to increase
awareness, create interest, generate
sales or create brand loyalty. The
following are the set of activities that
will bring the product, brand or service
to the user. The idea is to make people
aware, attract and induce to buy the
product through magazines or
newspaper, product display and flyers.