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BHARTI FOUNDATION, the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises was

established in 2000 with a vision "To help underprivileged children and
young people of our country realize their potential". BHARTI
FOUNDATION, is an organization established under the Laws of India with
charitable status pursuant to a "Deed of Trust".(Read More)
Free Education in India

Bharti Airtel Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Bharti(Airtel)

Enterprises that provides free and quality education to Underprivileged
children from marginalised groups in India through its flagship rural
education initiative - The Satya Bharti School Program in Punjab, India.
Rural Free Education

Rural Education - Education in India is provided by public schools

and private schools. Under various articles of the Indian
Constitution. rural children by providing affordable, high-
quality education. ... of students on free education through
donations from our scholarship program.

• Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program was started in 2013, with the aim of
identifying and mainstreaming Out-of-School Children at primary level, in the rural
areas of India, by offering remedial/ bridge courses in collaboration with the

• As part of the program, children in remote villages, who had never been to school
or had dropped-out were identified and admitted in Government schools.
Compensatory education to these children was provided to bridge the learning
gaps such that they could get absorbed in age-appropriate grades.

• The success of this program can be credited to the joint and collaborative action of
the Foundation, government, community partners and teachers at different levels
of its functioning. It achieved what it set out for - to create and bring the Out-of-
School Children into the mainstream and offer them equal opportunity through
quality education, free of charge. As the program gets integrated into the Satya
Bharti Quality Support Program, the endeavors to reform and contribute to the
rural education will continue, as part of the latter.(Read More)
• Bharti School of Telecommunication
Technology and Management at IIT Delhi
• Bharti Centre for Communication, IIT Bombay

• Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School

of Business
• Manmohan Singh Bursary Fund
• Partnership with University of Cambridge
• Bharti Foundation’s flagship initiative, the Satya Bharti School Program
provides free quality education to several first generation learners in rural
India. The program, with a special focus on the girl child, aims to deliver
transformative education to children so that they become educated,
responsible and self-reliant citizens with a deep sense of commitment to
their society.

• Activities within and outside the classrooms are given equal importance so
that students learn for life and from life; thereby inculcating in them the
right values, attitudes, life-skills and confidence. Parents, community and
like-minded organisations are active partners in the schools and all the
Satya Bharti Schools uphold this way of functioning.(Read More)
• The Satya Bharti Quality Support Program is a school-based program
which aims to improve the overall schooling experience for the students
as well as the teachers by bringing in mainly co-scholastic activities as well
as support for scholastic work at schools if needed. It complements
Government’s programs to improve learning levels by creating institutions
where all stakeholders including parents are involved in creating a change
for the better. While the Satya Bharti Quality Support Program’s
framework is fairly structured around the whole-school approach, it is for
each school to decide on the speed and trajectory dependent on the
School leader’s vision, with Bharti Foundation playing the role of a
catalyst.(Read More)
Bharti Foundation's unique education program mainstreams
33,816 Out-of-School Children

• A sizeable proportion of the population of the children, especially in rural areas, of

the country still remains Out-of-School. Satya Bharti Learning Centre Program was
instituted in 2013 to augment the objective of universal primary education and
SSA. The program had been running in close collaboration with Educate a Child, a
global program of the Education Above All Foundation which has the objective of
significantly reducing the number of Out-of-School Children (OOSC) worldwide at
the primary school level.
• The program team identified and mainstreamed Out-of-School Children in the
rural areas of Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand at primary level, by
offering tailored remedial/ bridge courses in collaboration with the government
to bring the Out-of-School Children back to school and offer them equal
opportunity through quality education.
• As part of the program, children in remote villages, who had never been to school
or drop-out children were identified and admitted in government schools.
Compensatory education to these children was provided to bridge the learning
gaps in order that they are absorbed in age-appropriate grades. (Read More)
Jharkhand students receive International Award for teaching all
mothers in the community

• Government school students who started ‘Mother’s Literacy’ campaign in

Jharkhand’s villages are rewarded with the prestigious Gold Award in Group
category in “The 2019 Pramerica - the Spirit of Community Awards” for their
initiative. The students are from UMS Khairbani School, Kathikund, (Dumka),

• This campaign was selected among nearly 3,500 entries nationwide. The annual
award conferred by Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, United States
recognizes school students for making a positive difference. These awards are also
organized in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Ireland, China, Brazil and Poland.

• Under the ‘Mother’s Literacy Campaign’, the students identified illiterate women
in the village and taught them Hindi alphabets, enabling them to write their names
and other simple words, along with basic numerical ability. In the year 2018 alone,
the initiative succeeded in making 60 households, (out of nearly 85 household)
functionally literate in the village.(Read More)
Technology In Rural Schools
• We are already in the eighteenth year of the 21st Century. And, while there is high level of
acceptability of the role technology can play in school education; the questions around what
technology to use and when; or, how to overcome the issues of accessibility and under-
representation especially in the rural parts of the country continue to take up our mind
• Working with the 254 village-based Satya Bharti Schools of Bharti Foundation, along with
over 2000 Government schools in the deep rural parts of our country has given me some
amount of understanding about the challenges our rural schools, teachers and students face
on ground. It has also made me closely experience the role education and technology can
play in students’ life, beyond academic milestones. Equity in education is paramount and it
should help every child reach her or his potential and become a contributing citizen of the
country. How does one ensure that every village school provides quality education to its
students; or provides access to student-centric technology programs that enable learning as
a game; or, helps navigate complex topics using videos or allows personalized learning at
one’s pace. Schools must become a hub of technology that starts to dissolve the digital divide
especially for those millions of children who do not have to access to technology at home.
The problem of accessibility, at times, becomes more complex with the aspects related to
gender, available infrastructure and other social issues.(Read More)