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Submitted By:
Kritika Rani
Khushi Kumari
Nisha Kumari
Parinay Raj
Tulika Raj
Pantaloons is India's fastest growing premium lifestyle apparel
The company offers an incredible and complete one-stop shopping
Pantaloons store is spread across a sprawling retail space of about
28,000 sq. ft.
Pantaloons offers much more than just apparel
The collection includes ready-to-wear western and ethnic apparel for
men, women and kids, complemented by an exhaustive range of
I. Corporate mission
• They share the vision and belief that by improving our performance through
innovative spirit and dedication
• Trendsetters in fashion & offer a fair deal to all our customers
• Their positive attitude from our devotion, sincerity
II. Retailing Principles
• To define the core customer and merchandise for the store
• To give value for money to the customer
• To give convenience and service to our customers
• To build successful partnerships with franchisees
Future Group shall deliver Everything, Everywhere, Every time for
Every Indian Consumer
Pantaloons Launches “Woman’s Wednesday”
• The brand has announced the launch of their new property ‘Woman’s
Wednesday’ at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parle
• This indigenous concept was created in order to celebrate young fashionist
• Woman’s Wednesday celebrations celebrate every first Wednesday of the
• launch by Ex-Miss India and Bollywood actress, Gul Panag
Company intends to pursue the following strategies in order to
consolidate Pantaloons position
Pantaloons growth strategy is based on:-
• Increasing Pantaloons penetration in the country by leveraging Pantaloons
Supply chain
• Procurement from low-cost production centers outside India
• Increasing customer satisfaction and Pantaloons base of loyal customers
• Upgrade information technology systems and processes.
• Train employees and seek entrepreneurship from employees
• A consumer takes decisions based on many criteria
• Marketing & Advertising look to change or affect the consumer
buying behavior
Perception is the process by which people select, organize, and interpret
information from the outside world
People receive information in the form of sensations by sensory receptors
The perception process is very important for marketers
Marketing influences on consumer behavior:
Product Influence
• Pantaloons success and continuous growth in the Indian organized Retail
• unique understanding of the Indian organized retail market
• Followed a Wal-Mart-like pattern of growth
The Right Joint Ventures at the Right Time
• Pantaloons has formed key joint ventures with a number of popular names
like Staples and Starbucks
• It actively shut doors for the competition by snapping up major brands
Versatile Retailing
• Pantaloons policy of comprehensive experimentation has given it an
important advantage – a versatile retail presence
• Consumers see Pantaloons as an exclusive:-
- Brand retailer,
- Discount retailer,
- Specialty retailer
- Food retailer
• One of the reasons for this versatility is that the brand name has not been
forced on
• consumers often feel threatened in a monopolistic environment
The Big Five Model
Pantaloons with its new campaign, ‘Holiday in Style’ for summer April
This thematic campaign captures the true spirit of its consumers who
wish to make every moment of their life stylish
This campaign leverages the insight that many consumers explore
new fashion trends
This holiday season, Pantaloons launched a new campaign ‘Holiday in
Style’ to enable its consumers to travel in style
TV leads the campaign and it is supported with outdoor, radio, digital,
personalized communication through email and SMS
• Pantaloons trendsetters in evolving delivery formats, creating retail
• Pantaloons infuse Indian brands with confidence and renewed
• Pantaloons efficient, cost- conscious and committed to quality in
whatever they do
• Pantaloons ensure that their positive attitude, sincerity, humility

Pantaloons is a leading Indian retailer, offering retail solutions for five

business segments –
• Food
• Fashion
• Footwear
• General merchandise
• leisure
• Entertainment
The Company operates through its multiple delivery formats like fashion
store formats under the Pantaloons brand
Pantaloons focus on today’s youth
This stores reflect their ideology: Fresh Feeling, Fresh Attitude, and Fresh

Experimented with every retail format possible

Continues to experiment while expanding existing ventures
The real reward of these experiments is the knowledge and
experience gained
Pantaloons is also experimenting with a variety of products
• From men’s wear the company has moved on to introduce furniture,
sportswear, kitchen appliances, food, electronics and children’s apparel
Pantaloons has also tied up with some of India’s most popular brands
like Gini and Jony
These brands have achieved success and a loyal fan following

A strong believer in the ‘Indianness’ of brands

Pantaloons retail chains grow across 250 Indian cities with an annual
footfall of 500 million over the years
Launching affordable fashion for Indian consumers or creating an
experience of Indian bazaar, Pantaloons world view has ‘Indianness’
at its centre

This study about “customer buying behavior” is conducted to know

about the buying behavior
This project report throws light on the reasons behind customer's
decision of choosing Pantaloons
A structured questionnaire was constructed in order to measure the
responses of respondents
Pantaloons observes retail customer trend and changing
consumption tastes
 Organization is customer driven opposed to product driven
 Pantaloons is very conscious about culture and regional
consumption pattern
Strategies change frequently due to orient to the customer need
The continued of learning, unlearning and relearning is applied to
update the quick changing strategies across the organization

Pantaloons use many platforms to do marketing about their products

such as TV, newspapers, brochures, internet, magazines, and catalogues
They also offer lower prices at all the time of the year, free bonus,
discounts, and free shipping to encourage more sales and to increase the
Their strategies change frequently according to the customer’s needs.
The continuous process of learning, unlearning and relearning is applied
to update the quick changing strategies across the organization.
Pantaloons business strategies are classified into three groups

Product diversification strategy – It is a key strategy for pantaloons.

• Their core business priorities and develop new structures help them
in gaining leverage in a highly competitive industry.
Class destination strategy – Company has divided their customers
into three different groups - INDIA ONE, INDIA TWO and INDIA
THREE. Each group has different values, products, and quality
INDIA ONE – It is also known as consuming class.
• The population of this class who are consuming products is only 14%.
INDIA TWO – It is also known as serving class.
• It includes people like household helpers, office peon, etc. The
population of this class is more than 30%.
INDIA THREE – it is also known as a struggling class. they can't afford
an expensive living style. this segment doesn't contribute much to the
contribution cycle.
Pantaloons Marketing Mix Strategy
• Pantaloons offers Apparel brands for Men, Women and
• Along with Apparel it also features accessories
• Some of the most popular brands offered are Indus
route, SF, BYFOR
• D, BARE, Ajile, Factor, IZABEL, Honey, Poppers, chalk etc.
• The tagline of Pantaloons is “In love with Fashion”.
Pantaloons offer products from traditional outfits to
high end western outfits as part of its marketing mix
• Pantaloons offers value for money strategy to all
its customers
• Pantaloons offer discounts during festive season
• All the goods are procured from private small-scale
producers and are bundled and sold under private
• Pantaloons follows relationship marketing where
premium is charged for the in-store service offered
by the shop
• Pantaloons offers sales through omni-
• The website of Pantaloons is designed in
accordance with keeping e-commerce
strategies in place
• Pantaloons currently has 130 fashion
stores in 40 cities and towns in India
• Pantaloons stores are present widely
across many big Indian cities and towns
across India
• Pantaloons uses a diverse range of promotional activities to
market its brands
• Pantaloons uses media like TV, print, online etc.
• Pantaloons also offers its flagship Green card membership
• It is available in 4 different offerings with one, three, five and
seven-star. Discounts are offered based on the type of card the
user has purchased
• People:
• Pantaloons values customer service and in-
store service. Pantaloons have excellent
customer engagement skills
• The higher management consists of people
sourced from reputed institutes and with
years of excellent experience
• Also, the sales people at Pantaloons stores
are very well trained and equipped to
handle queries of customers.
• Process:
• Pantaloons has several processes in place for smooth execution of its
• The clothes are shopped from manufacturers to warehouses to the
Pantaloons retail outlets all across the country
• Also, the online model ensure online purchase, online payment and
delivery at the customer doorstep
• Pantaloons has installed SAP based software to track movement and sales
of products through their retail stores
• SAP has helped them in implementing ERP services which has improved
their tracking and sales of goods.
• Physical Evidence:
• Pantaloons’ stores are the biggest
physical evidence of the brand
• The uniqueness of stores, store
planning, color & design etc are all
unique across stores
• The physical evidence also includes its
loyalty cards, carry bags etc. Pantaloons
is a winner of the prestigious North-East
consumer awards
Distribution strategies of Pantaloons
• The distribution system of Pantaloons is zero levels because it has
more than 25 private label brands, so the products are directly
delivered to the customers through Pantaloons exclusive retail
• Non-Pantaloons brands are also procured directly from the
manufacturers of Aditya Birla Group and are delivered to the stores
without any intermediaries involved
• The logistics department of Pantaloons is controlled by the
distribution management system of the Aditya Birla Group
• Have their warehouses in Noida and Bangalore, these hubs are used
to distribute merchandise to maximum stores in India
Pantaloons SWOT Analysis
• Pantaloons is one of India’s largest retailer having 100+ stores across 40 cities
in India
• Pantaloons is one of the largest retailer by market capitalization and revenue
in India
• It manages high number of purchase orders
• It is always updated with changing consumer preferences
• Pantaloons is a popular brand with a high presence across India
• Strong online presence of the brand helps to tap the internet market
• Pantaloons offers a wide variety of clothes for men, women and children
• Advertising, branding and discounts have enabled the brand to capture the
• Intense competition from retail stores and online shopping brands means limited
market share growth for Pantaloons
• Too many options for customers hence high brand switching and low brand loyalty
• Pantaloons can increase the footfalls by increasing ATL – TV commercial promotions
• India is fast emerging as retail hub for top brands as government allowed FDI in
single brand and multi brand retail
• Organized retail is only small percentage of total Indian retail industry
• Tie-ups with fashion institutes and even online brands can help increase sales
for Pantaloons
• Strong competition from unorganized retail sector in India affects business
of Pantaloons
• Government policies are not well defined in emerging markets
• Online shopping is emerging trend in consumers due to convenience which is
taking away market share of retailers like Pantaloons
Customer Gaps
Gap 2

Management may understand & know what customer want but

fail to translate these expectations into the correct specification.
• Complains
• Problem in Alteration
• Problem in billing in bulk
• Problem in e- purchasing
• Problem in replacement
Gap reduction strategies that the company is
They are doing market research
Training is given to the employees
More interaction between the store manager and customers is
Better communication is happening between the managers and
service providers
They are setting services goals
Internal communication is also happening
They are empowering employees to encourage them
Suggestions for filling up the gap
They should do more market research for identifying the customer’s needs.
The prices of the products should be decided according to their target
customers as they have their customers from all classes.
Better promotional and loyalty offers should be introduced.
They should work on having more customer friendly exchange policies.
There are various complains of customers, so for this, they can introduce a
help desk where customers can talk about it and it can be resolved.
They have very limited billing counters and because of this customers have
to wait for a long time for their billing so they can introduce more billing
counters so that this inconvenience can get solved.

Can go for putting television sets with advertisements of products

beings shown continuously.
The inclusion of a special revolving dice which will show case the
most premium products offered by the store.
Can go for free standing displays- newest, most exciting merchandise.
The walls could be made more attractive by use of posters and
paintings of the brand of product it has.
The study helped in understanding the retail sector and the format of
organized retail sector
It also helped in understanding the customer behavior while
purchasing the merchandise in the store and also about the factors
that they consider while making the purchases
Based in the study and the customer’s responses, we can be able to
fill the gap between the customer and their purchases
The study helped in finding about the store atmosphere, location, the
merchandise offered at pantaloons, knowledge of the sales force,
customer care response and the offers provided by pantaloons