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1. Each entry/team is composed of 3 members.
2. Qualified members should be within the age of 15-30
years old.
3. Only those registered participants are allowed for this
4. The quiz master will be reading the question twice.
5. All questions are multiple choice questions.
6. The quiz bee is divided into EASY- MODERATE-
7. Each correct answer in easy round is equivalent to 1 point,
moderate round is 2 points, and difficult round is 3 points.
8. 10 questions for Easy and Moderate rounds, 5 questions for
the difficult round.
9. Participating teams are given 15 seconds to answer the easy round,
20 seconds for the moderate round, and 25 seconds to answer the
difficult round.
10. When the bell rings, this signals that the time is up and
you are hereby required to raise your answers.
11. Teams who got the correct answer shall remain their
answers raised for it to be counted.
12. Coverage/questions are extracted from general
knowledge and are well-researched.
13. At the end of the 3 rounds, scores will be tallied and the
highest 3 teams shall be called, CHAMPION, 1ST RUNNER UP,
AND 3RD RUNNER UP, respectively.
14. In case of a tie, a clincher round will be given and the
winner is determined.
15. Any form of cheating shall automatically be disqualified.

Which of the chemicals comprise

a. Hydrogen and Carbon

b. Carbon and Oxygen

c. Hydrogen and Oxygen

d. Nitrogen and Helium

1. Butuan City is a highly urbanized city and is
the capital city of Caraga Region. Because of
its geography and industry, Butuan City has
been widely known as what?

a. The Queen City of the South

b. The City of Golden Friendship
c. The Timber City of the South
d. The King City of the South
2. This is the branch of biology that studies the
animal kingdom, including the structure,
embryology, evolution, classification, and its

a. Botany
b. Zoology
c. Geology
d. Astoronomy
3. In geometry, how many sides are
there in a hexagon?

a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
4. Blood transfusion has been known as a
therapeutic treatment for most medical
emergencies. What religion generally does
not accept on blood transfusion and blood
donation as part of their doctrine?
a. Iglesia ni Cristo
b. Protestant
c. Jehovah’s Witness
d. Seventh Day Adventist
5. In the Philippine history, KKK was
established as a revolution for the Filipinos
to gain independence from Spain. Who is
the founder of the KKK?

a. Jose Rizal
b. Apolinario Mabini
c. Emilio Aguinaldo
d. Andres Bonifacio
6. Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez ended
his seat as the former speaker. Who is the
current Speaker of the House of
Representatives in the Philippines?

a. Gloria Arroyo
b. Koko Pimentel
c. Tito Sotto
d. Lawrence Fortun
7. In tagalog, if noun is pangngalan, and
verb is pandiwa, PREPOSITION is also
known as what?

a. Pang-abay
b. Pang-uri
c. Pangatnig
d. Pang-ukol
8. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, also
known as Digong, is the current president
of the Philippines and the first from
Mindanao to hold the presidential office.
He is the _____ president of this Republic?
a. 15th
b. 16th

c. 17th
d. 18th
9. What is the chemical symbol for the
element- MERCURY?

a. Hg

b. M

c. Me

d. Ag
10. In the year 1937, Bonbon was just a
sitio of what Barangay?

a. Libertad

b. Bancasi

c. Bayanihan

d. Kinamlutan
1. What is the largest organ in a
human body?

a. Heart

b. Bone

c. Skin

d. Liver
2. Barangay Bonbon was converted
into a barrio by virtue of
Commonwealth Act of 1938. The word
“BONBON” means:
a. Yuta
b. Buhangin
c. Bato
d. Tuway
3. What is the capital city of
a. Jakarta
b. Beijing
c. Tokyo
d. Kuala Lumpur
4. Facebook is a social networking
service launched on February 4, 2004.
Who discovered facebook?
a. Mike Krieger
b. Mark Zuckerberg
c. Larry Page
d. Steve Jobs
5. In mathematics, if Kapitan Mondia
would take 25 minutes to walk to the car
park and 45 minutes to drive to the
barangay hall. At what time should she
get out of the house in order to arrive in
the barangay hall at 9 AM?
a. 7:45 am
b. 7:50 am
c. 7:55 am
d. 8:00 am
6. In 1997, in the final round of Ms.
Universe Pageant, a question was asked:
“What is the essence of a woman?”. Which
of the following replied: “Just being a
woman is a God’s gift. The origin of a child
is a mother, and she is a woman.”:
a. Gloria Diaz
b.Carrole Gist
c. Sushmita Sen
d. Margarita Moran
7. Osteoporosis is a bone disease
commonly occurring among elderly.
Which of the following food products
should be taken in order to prevent
this disease?
a. Milk
b. Ampalaya
c. Beef
d. Banana
8. What is the name of the star closest
to the earth?

a. Barnard’s Star

b. Sun

c. Proxima Centauri
d. Neptune
9. How many chromosomes does a
human cell has?

a. 46

b. 22 pairs

c. 47
d. 23
10. Find the value of 3 + 2 • (8-3):

a. 25

b. 13

c. 17
d. 24
1. Who was the first Barrio Lieutenant
of Barangay Bonbon?
a. Felicisimo Trillo Inocencio

b. Jose F. Burdeos

c. Alfonso Teleros

d. Benigno Gabor
2. Protection of the rights of women
and children is a priority advocacy of
our barangay. What is the law on
Anti-Violence Against Women and
a. R.A. 9262
b. R.A. 7160
c. R.A. 9288
d. R.A. 7600
4. If a warehouse received 250 orders
in April and 300 in May, the
percentage of increase from April to
May is:
a. 20%

b. 30%

c. 25%
d. 35%
5. How many stars are there in the
United States’ flag?

a. 49

b. 50

c. 51

d. 52