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Quality improvement

Jonathan Tellier
Dietetic Intern
Understand how we track allergies.

Understand why we have to track inventory.

Understanding of new recommendations.

Know the limitations of Computrition in

ingredient tracking.
• Patton does not
currently have a set
system of tracking
food allergies.
What are other hospitals doing?
• Several different hospitals
were contacted:

• St. Bernardine Medical


• Loma Linda Medical Center

• Pomona Valley Medical

St. Bernardine Medical Center
• Ingredient lists are
entered in a nutrition
system called cbord
which is similar to

• Item ingredients are

linked to recipes.
Loma Linda/ Pamona Valley
• All recipes and
ingredients are
entered into

• Item ingredients are

linked to recipes.
Method of ingredient tracking
• Physical inventory:

• Excel spreadsheet and a Computrition likes,

dislikes, and allergies (LDAs) report used.

• Excel spread sheet contains all food items

ordered in the hospital and the LDAs in each
food item.
Excel spread sheet
Computrition LDA report
• 71 (16%) different products were not up to

• 437 total products are listed on the excel


• Leaving 366 (84%) of the products listed being

up to date.
Problems found
• Physical inventory of food items took 24 hours
of work time to complete.

• Some items are missed due to the quantity of

items and storage areas.

• Physically difficult
• The warehouse indicated that before a new
product is purchased they forward this to the
dietitians for approval.

• Use of a laptop saved me time.

• Updating the ongoing excel spread sheet is

the best method of keeping track of products
possible allergens.