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Hospital Food and Beverage, Measurement and

Quantitise, Helping as Patient order from a hospital

menu, Assiting a Patient as at meal times

Arrengerd By :
Rosnita Gulo
Nodila Zega
Alfonsus Yupiter Hulu
Untung Selamat Harefa

Lecturer : Nursayani Maruao, MP.d

Food and Beverage

An Inclusive process
Nutritional value and of food not eaten is nil
Need to involve the consumer at the planning stage
Need to involve the procedur and make sure that
plans can be delivered
Need to includes service staff to engender a pride in
the product
Need to checky nutritional content and menu capacity
Need to check cost and affordability
In depth knowledge of
the needs of the

Age and gender

Food and preferences
State of health
State of defenition
Mental health
Menu is Complented
with non-meal
Food and Beverage

•Ward issues of :
- Milk, breakfast cerelas,
bread, buter, sugar,
preserves, tea, coffe etc.
•Suitable items for berween
meal snack
Patient order food

• Ordered at time of service

• Ordered using menu card
• Ordered using hand held device
• Ordered using bedside terminal
Provision Stored

• Responsibility for food safety begins with

• Poor storage adversely affects nutritional
• EHO enforces food hygiene regulations
• Breach of regulations can lead to prosecution
Measurement and Quantities

• Measurement is a process of comparing something

measured with another as measures made as a
standard. In other word measurement is the process
of comparing a quantity with another quantity with
another quantity which used as unit.

• Quantites are expressed by numbers, and has the

certain units
Basic Quantities

1. Length
length is the distance between two Points in a space.
According to SI units, the length quantity is epressed in
2. Mass
the Mass of a body is the amount of matter contained by
the body.
according to SI units, the unit of mass is Kilogram (kg)
3. Time
time unit in SI expressed in second
Meanwhile time units usuallyused everyday are as follow :
- 1 minutes = 60 s
- 1 hour = 60 x 60 s = 3.600 s
- 1 day = 24 x 3.600 s = 86.400 s
Procedure for Feeding a Client

Wash hands according to procedure

Provide before-meal care and position the client in an upright and sitting
Place the meal in front of client on the table or bed table
Allow the children to give thanks if the wishes
Explain that you will help the client to eat
Spread a napkin, towel, clothing protector to protect clothes and linen
Sit down in a chair facing the client
Prepare the food : cut up meat, butter bread, etc
Season the food as client wishes within dietary guidelines
Ask client in what order he wants food served.
Encourage the client to do as much as possible
Use assitive devices per service plan
Altemate liquids and solids
Wipe the clients mouth as needed
Take dishes away as soon as client is finished
Note foods and amounts eaten
Provide after-meal care
Procedure for Serving a Meal

Wash your hand according to procedure

Serve meals promptly so food temperature is maintained
Carry the plane waist level,not on the shoulders next to hair
See the appereance of the table or tray is orderly and contain
If the client requires assiitve feeding devices, make sure they
are on the table or tray
Assist in food preparation as needed
Encourage the client to do as much as possible
Remove the dishes whenn client has finished eating.
Wash your hands
Assiting a Patient

 Patient Eperience
 Phelps memorial Hospital Center
 food service directer
 Patient satisfaction scores