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(Name and Address of your proposed business.)


(Your Name as the Owner/s)

Major Parts of the Business Plan
• Introduction
• Executive Summary
• Environmental Analysis
• Business Description
• Organization Plan
• Production Plan
• Operation Plan
• Marketing Plan
• Appendix
The following is an outline of the business plan
and it’s various section.

A. Tittle Page
B. Table of Contents
C. List of Tables
D. List of Figures
E. List of Appendices
Presents the general perspective of the business. It
may consist of one to two pages. It includes, among
other, the following sections:

1. Proposed name of the business

2. Address of the business
3. Name of the owner/s.
4. Description of the business
5. Funding Requirement and Source.
Executive Summary
G. Executive Summary
Business Plan Summary
-Goal and objective of the company


H. Environmental Analysis Environmental Analysis

PESTEL Analysis (External)

Political Economic Socio- Technolo Environm Legal
cultural gical ental

• Tax
• Laws





Environmental Analysis
H. Environmental Analysis
SWOT Analysis (Internal)
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats




Organizational Structure
I. Organizational Plan
President / CEO:

Executive Vice President:

VP for administrative affairs:

VP for Operation:

VP for Finance:

VP for Audit and Logistics:

VP for Marketing:

VP for Corporate Communication:

VP for Assurance and quality Management:

VP for Research innovation:

Production Plan
J. Production Plan
Production Process

Sources of Materials

Production Cost
Operational Plan
k. Operational Plan


Special Requirements
Marketing Plan
K. Marketing Plan



Rating = 15 Rating = 10 Rating = 5

Comprehensive and realistic list that List is not comprehensive enough or it Clearly lacks effort in the development
states the basis for the company’s contains strengths that are not realistic. of the criteria.
competitive edge.

Comprehensive and realistic list that Comprehensive and realistic list that Clearly lacks effort in the development
states areas in which the company states areas in which the company of the criteria.
struggles and provides a solution to struggles.
correct the weakness.

Comprehensive and realistic list of Comprehensive and realistic list of well Clearly lacks effort in the development
well thought-out opportunities for thought-out opportunities for profit and of the criteria.
(External profit and growth. Provides plan for
Audit) growth.
realizing the opportunities.

Comprehensive and realistic list that state Comprehensive and realistic list that Clearly lacks effort in the development
the threats that may affect the company’s state the threats that may affect the of the criteria.
competitive edge. Provides solutions to company’s competitive edge.
meet those threats head-on.

/60 points
Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration 02/2011
Excerpted with permission from CHS Virtual Business
High Proficiency Proficiency Some Proficiency Lacks Proficiency
20 pts 15 pts 10 pts 5 pts


A lot of factors had been Was able to explain each The elements are vaguely explain Had written factors but they
considered, had clearly explained element. But, did not clearly each Moreover, the group did haven’t explain how this factors
each element, and emphasized discuss how each factors affects not discuss at all the impact of can affect the business
how each factors affects the the business and its success this factors on the business
business and its success

The use of framework The Framework or tool had been The Framework or tool had been The Framework or tool helped in The factors given are inaccurate.
used accurately in analyzing and used in analyzing and providing the possible factors
monitoring the possible factors monitoring the possible factors that might affect the business.
that might affect the business. that might affect the business. .

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation

The presentation is free of The presentation contains 1-2 The presentation contains 3-4 The presentation contains many
grammatical, punctuation, and grammatical, punctuation, and grammatical, punctuation, and grammatical, punctuation, and
spelling errors. spelling errors. spelling errors. spelling
• Times New Roman
• 12 Font Size
• 1.5 Spacing
• Short Bond Paper
• Soft Bind
Production Plan
• Production Process
• Sources of materials
• Production cost
Operational Plan
• While you can think of the Stage of Development part of the
operations plan as an overview, the Production Process section lays
out the details of your business's day to day operations. Remember,
your goal for writing this section of the business plan is to
demonstrate your understanding of the manufacturing or delivery
process for your product or service, so you need to let the readers of
your business plan know that.
Make sure you include all these details of your business's operation:
• General: Do an outline of your business's day to day operations, such as
the hours of operation, and the days the business will be open. If the
business is seasonal, be sure to say so.
• The physical plant: What type of premises are they and what are the size
and location? If it's applicable, include drawings of the building, copies of
lease agreements, and/or recent real estate appraisals. You need to show
how much the land or buildings required for your business operations are
worth and tell why they're important to your proposed business.
• Equipment: The same goes for equipment. Besides describing the
equipment necessary and how much of it you need, you also need to
include its worth and cost and explain any financing arrangements. Assets:
Make a list of your assets, such as land, b
• Assets: Make a list of your assets, such as land, buildings, inventory,
furniture, 2/3 equipment, and vehicles. Include legal descriptions and
the worth of each asset.
• Special requirements: If your business has any special requirements,
such as water or power needs, ventilation, drainage, etc., provide the
details in your operating plan, as well as what you've done to secure
the necessary permissions, such as zoning approvals.
• Materials: Tell where you're going to get the materials you need to
produce your product or service and explain what terms you've
negotiated with suppliers.
Marketing strategy
• In this section, break down what channels are available for you to market your product.
Think of which channels would be most effective in communicating your story and
persuading your target audience. If your target audience is social media savvy, for
example, it may be better to utilize those channels instead of radio or print media. Here
is a list of channels to get you started:
• Print (newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, direct mail)
• Broadcast (TV, radio)
• Press releases
• Trade shows, product demonstrations, event marketing
• Online advertising
• Social media
• Online sales
• Joint marketing with other companies
• Product
• Place
• Price
• Promotion
What goes in the appendix of a business
In general, here are some of the documents you might think to include in your business plan
• Charts, graphs, or tables that supplement information from other sections of your business plan
• Any agreements or contracts that you have with clients or vendors
• Licenses, permits, patents and trademark documentation
• Product illustrations or product packaging samples
• Marketing materials
• Resumes for each of your executive team members
• Contracts and supporting documents for anything else
• Building permit and equipment lease documentation
• Contact information for attorneys, accountants, advisors, and so on
• Credit history
• Detailed market studies

This section of the business plan presents the

description of the business, location, and the total
funding requirements and the possible funding

Description of the Business

Location of the Business

Funding Requirement and Source of Funds

Product Idea Product idea is well thought out, it Product idea is mostly well thought Product idea lacks thought out, it is Product idea is not well thought
is realistic, innovative, creative and out, it is realistic and original realistic but not an original idea. out, not realistic and not an
original original idea.
10 Points
9-10 Points 7-8 4-6 Points 0-3 Points
Description of the Business An overview of the company An overview of the company An overview of the company An overview of the company
is provided which includes is provided which includes a is provided but is lacking is not provided.
information regarding the large portion but not all of the significant pieces of the
reason for starting, basic requested information requested information.
activity, company focus, goods
and/or services provided,
primary customers, and
20 Points 16-20 9-15 4-8 0-3 Points
Good, Services, Prices, Menu Detailed description of what Basic description of what the Only a listing of the goods, Incomplete list of the goods,
Items, and Features the business or product offers business or product offers the services, and features services, and features
the consumer, along with consumer, along with prices, available with prices available with or without the
prices, and a listing of the and a listing of the goods, prices included.
goods, services, or features services, and features
available available
20 Points
16-20 Points 9-15 Points 4-8 Points 0-3 Points

- Presents the VGMO of the

business venture.
OBJECTIVES: Short-term Goals
GOAL: Long Term Goal

At the very outset, the business plan must depict

the fundamental characteristics, nature,
philosophical values, identity and image of the



H. Environmental Analysis (External Factors)