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Advanced Calculus

Introduction to Differential Equations

November 2017
Introduction to Differential Equations

 Definitions and Terminology

 Initial-Value Problems

 Differential Equations as Mathematical Models

Definitions and Terminology
 The words differential and equation certainly suggest
solving some kind of equation that contains derivatives.

 But before you start solving anything, you must learn

some of the basic defintions and terminology of the
A Definition
 The derivative dy/dx of a functiony = ϕ (x) is itself another
function ϕ '(x) found by an appropriate rule.
 For example, the function is differentiable on
the interval (- ∞, ∞), and its derivative is

If we replace in the last equation by the symbol

y, we obtain
Classification by Type
 If a differential equation contains only ordinary
derivatives of one or more functions with respect to a
single independent variable it is said to be an ordinary
differential equation (ODE).
Classification by Type
 An equation involving only partial derivatives of one or more
functions of two or more independent variables is called a
partial differential equation (PDE).
 Throughout this text, ordinary derivatives will be written
using either the Leibniz notation dy/dx, d2y/dx2, d3y/dx3, •
• • , or the prime notation y', y", y"', ....
Classification by Order
 The order of a differential equation (ODE or PDE) is the
order of the highest derivative in the equation.

 The differential equations

are examples of a second-order ordinary differential

equation and a fourth-order partial differential equation,
Classification by Linearity
Explicit and Implicit Solutions
 You should be familiar with the terms explicit and implicit
functions from your study of calculus.
 A solution in which the dependent variable is expressed
solely in terms of the independent variable and constants is
said to be an explicit solution
Systems of Differential Equations
 Up to this point we have been discussing single
differential equations containing one unknown function.

 But often in theory, as well as in many applications, we

must deal with systems of differential equations
Initial-Value Problems
Initial-Value Problem
 We are often interested in problems in which we seek a
solution y(x) of a differential equation so that y(x) satisfies
prescribed side conditions-that is, conditions that are
imposed on the unknown y(x) or on its derivatives
Differential Equations as Mathematical
Mathematical Models
Mathematical Models
Mathematical Models