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Management Pattern

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Table of Contents
• About Banglalink
• Planning process of Banglalink
• Organizing resources
• Recruitment Process of Banglalink
• Promotion Policy
• Motivation Process
• Roles of Mangers in Banglalink Telecom Company
• SWOT Analysis of Banglalink Bangladesh Ltd
• Remedial Measures
• Conclusion
About Banglalink

• 2nd largest cellular service provider in


• The reversion of one of the top most telecom

brand Banglalink was in 1989

• Orascom Telecom purchased the 100% shares of

Sheba telecom in 2004.

• expands its business to cellular mobile and

radio telephone services.
Planning process of Banglalink

Strategic Planning
(Financial planning, forecast, production
planning, shipment planning)

Intermediate planning
Execute financial plans, all work of subordinates)

Operational planning
(Day to day planning activities)

Standing planning
Organizing resources

• Human Resource


• Service Resource (products & Services):

Provides in 7 major cities

Has received License on
February 19
3.2ocr customers
Recruitment Process of Banglalink

• Requisition
• Hiring information
• Planning
• Job Advertisement
• Resume Compilation
• Call for Tests and Interviews
• Initial Interview
• Final Interview
• Medical and Physical Examination
• Permanent Job Offer
Promotion Policy

• Normal Promotion

• Special Promotion

• Sales Promotion
Motivation Process

• Opportunities for Career Growth and Development

• Job Security
• Challenging and Interesting Task
• Feeling of Team Spirit and Cooperation
• Work is Valued and Appreciated/Formal Recognition
• Salary and Other Financial Incentives
• Good Working Environment
Roles of Mangers in Banglalink
Telecom Company

Interpersonal Role

Leadership Roles
Liaison Roles
Monitoring Roles
Spokesperson roles

Informational Roles

Decisional Roles
• Contract management unit gets the requisition from procurement
• If the entire information match with the checklist requirement then
contract management unit initiates contract preparation
• Contract management unit validate all the commercial T&Cs, SOW,
SLA and ROQ.
• contract management department sends the contract to its
important stakeholders
• After all the validation achieved then they follow up with the
respective stakeholder to receive the validation and then send the
contract to the legal department for internal approval circulation.
• Lastly when contract management receives the final contract from
Legal which has been signed by all the respective peoples then they
provide one copy of contract to the vendor and another copy they
keep it as a reference
• 1) Request received for contract
• 2) Provide the draft standard template to the concerned procurement unit
before floating the tender
• 3) Draft the agreement after awarded the job based on required
• 4) Collect User/Financial/Legal consent on the draft document
• 5) Forward to vendor for their consent on the final draft contract
• 6) Upon receiving vendor’s consent take the final print of the contract and
collect necessary signature on it
• 7) Scan and copy, provide to respective concern and original contract in
our custody
• 8) Upload the contract in SAP


In Banglalink, contract management unit’s main stakeholders are HR &
Admin, Procurement, Legal and Tax. Other department

• This is the most common procedure of any

company that is to manage and procure staffing
services – temporary, and, in some cases,
permanent placement services – as well as
outside contract or contingent labor

• Analyze your business requirement

• Search for vendors
• Write a request for proposal or request for
• Evaluating the proposal & selecting the vendor
• Creating a contract
SWOT Analysis of Banglalink
Bangladesh Ltd
Strength weakness
Low cost provider regarding its > The progress of development of
competitor. network is far below from the
Banglalink’s all connections are ISD subscriber expectation.
& EISD. > Lower number of human resource.
Banglalink is the only indigenous > Failed to identify difference
company using GSM service. between developed market and
> From the very beginning it is developing market.
providing free TNT incoming & > Banglalink does follow aggressive
Outgoing. marketing but it should follow
> It has also provided incoming smooth strategy.
facility up lifetime. > Banglalink faces coordination
> Moreover its contribution to problem of Management system.
our economy can be notable
SWOT Analysis of Banglalink
Bangladesh Ltd
Opportunities Threats
Banglalink can use the image of A mobile service provider named
multinational organization. Robi is a concern of Axiata Group and
present market rivals.
Introduction of new technology and
services. The invention of technology which
is new modern and consumer
Expand the market in the rural oriented.
Another invisible threat is land
Banglalink can use the experience phone operator.
strong network facilities.

Banglalink can use soft switch

Remedial Measures

• Banglalink can do business overseas in countries like

Nepal, Bhutan, Srilanka etc.
• They can take over other cellular company and can
be the market leader of our country.
• They can cover more areas under Banglalink network
to ensure coverage inside the coutry for customer
• They can hire more skilled executives by paying high
salary to ensure effective and efficient management
• Some innovative promotion may help them to expand
their market share.

• Banglalink™ has successfully managed to introduce

perfect competitions among the mobile operators.
The competitions are so vast that the connection
price as well as the airtime rate is falling down day
by day. In this changing environment based on this
research, Banglalink™ should take consideration
against mentioned recommendations suggested for
the improvement of customer care division. These
recommendations will definitely improve the overall
company image if implemented efficiently.

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