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LED Lights

The professional LED panel and strip lighting

LED Laser light

Star shower laser light: Whether decorating for Christmas lights or you just want to spice up your
house; star shower laser lights are perfectly suitable with red and green laser stars.

Star light projector: With a rotating base and compass-point alignments, the star light projector is
perfect for providing some enchanting lighting .

LED Panel Lights

Led panel: Led panel provide an optimal alternative to traditional fluorescent luminaries by providing a
visually comfortable light.

Panel led: Panel led is one of the best lightings products and are highly luminous because of their
lighting arrangement as they have multiple LEDs installed .

LED Par Lights

Light panel: Light panel use high intensity LED’s that will produce an even shadow free light without the
hot spots.

Led panel light: Led panel light is designed to prevent light leakage and include Led chips, light guide
plate and diffuser.

Mini Laser Light with Sound System

Mini laser stage lighting: The mini laser stage lighting emits both green and red laser lighting.

Disco laser lights: A simple yet effective technique disco laser lights offer which will take your disco
show to the next level.

Outdoor LED Flood light

Outdoor flood lights: Outdoor flood lights come in different sizes, will illuminate large areas, withstand
large areas and boost the home security.

Led flood lights outdoor: Led flood lights outdoor ports, parking lots, construction sites, façades,
monuments and industrial outdoors.

Philips 2.5-Watt B22 Base LED Bulb

Philips led bulb: You should try using Philips Led bulb if you want a perfect light quality and a wider
light spread.

Philips led lights: Philips Led lights combines a beautiful warm white light with an exceptionally long
RGB led strip light
Rgb led strip controller: Rgb led strip controller is a remote controlled multicolor LED box which can
easily be used with any microcontroller.

Led strip lights: Led strip lights can be made in any color and controlled with a LED remote control for
flex strip applications.
White Light 2 Illumination Modes
Rechargeable Emergency Lamp

Led emergency lights: Led emergency lights is a battery backed lighting device which will
automatically switch on when there is power outrage,

Emergency light: Emergency light is standard in commercial and high occupancy residential buildings.