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Unfamiliar territory

Defining and exploring

AOK “Indigenous Knowledge Systems”
Our academic experiences provide
some familiarity with most of the
AOKs TOK proposes.

Two, however, are distinctive in that

the area is named as systems.

Which are these and what may this

signify or suggest?

Discuss and be ready to propose an

During the recent mock presentations
some misconceptions and incorrect
assumptions regarding AOK
Indigenous Knowledge Systems were

This week you will research and

establish what the definition of
‘indigenous’ encompasses.

Further, you will explore different

examples of specific indigenous
knowledge, with the intention of being
able to propose the ways in which
those which you discover are similar
and different to the ‘knowledge
system’ you are familiar with.
What does the term ‘indigenous’
How are indigenous groups identified
or defined?
In what ways are the concepts related
to ‘identifying as indigenous’
and ‘culture’ similar and different?

List some of the other terms used to

name indigenous peoples.
Use google map or a similar to
capture images of a range of
geographic locations associated with
at least two specific indigenous
groups. Create a brief profile of the
group, including references.
rcticregion/Arctic-Indigenous-Peoples/Definitions Begin your research by exploring
some of the sources included here.
What is the scope of ‘indigenous
knowledge’? What are the features or qualities of

these bodies or systems of knowledge? Identify specific
examples to support each you
and-controversy/ Identify specific examples of interaction and correlation between systems of knowledge which are
indigenous and non-indigenous.
Yolŋu Science Continue your research by exploring some of the sources included here.
You are encouraged to explore beyond the resources suggested
What are some of the challenges
and controversies which are
associated with specific
indigenous knowledge systems? Provide a brief summary ( 50 - 100

oples/declaration-on-the-rights-of-indigenous- words) and identify specific sources
peoples/training-materials.html to support the examples you find.

What are some of the actions

(events, programs) and institutions or
blogs/dp_tokglobal/indigenous-knowledge-definition-implications- structures which exist and prioritise
and-controversy/ the preservation and development
indigenous knowledge?

Create an alphabetical index for

What are the ways in which the indigenous knowledge systems
worldviews-vs-western-worldviews you have discovered similar and
different to the ‘knowledge system’
you are familiar with ?

Create a venn diagram, table or other

visual means of showing this and
include a list of sources to support the
specific examples you include.

Aim to include TOK concepts,

including but not limited to WOKs in
developing your responses to the
focus questions for these lessons.
c=d_0_tok_gui_1304_1_e&part=2&chapter=4 Make note of any particular potential
knowledge questions you may be
able to develop at a later time.