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Project Presentation
1.Mahajan Nilesh Rajubhai. (x-53) Guided by Vishal Naik
2.Patel Vikas Ramdhan. (x-30)
Content :-
• Project Introduction
• Objective
• Scope
• Type of project
• Technologies
• Flowchart
• Use Case Diagram
• Database Design
Project Introduction
• We are creating Android application and website for local services
• It can be accessed by from website and android application
• This project is based on C2C [Customer to Customer]
• Here user can be easy to get services from service Provider
• User and Service Provider can be easy to make its profile
• User and service provider can be update its profile from web and app
• User can be easily get the near available services
• Admin can access all the information of user and services
• User can easily get any local services which is available in the near
• User don’t need to go find the service provider
• User can be easily contact to service provider anytime ,anywhere
• Here service provider get the easily work
• To help communicate between user and service provider
• Service provider can be easily earn money by getting work
• Can store information of User and Service Provider
• User can ne send the request to Service provider
• Service provider can be get the notification of requested user
• Service provider is able to accept and cancel the request
• User can be check the status of send request
• User can be able to give the ratting to service provider after
completed work
Type of Project
• Creating a website and android application to help the common
peoples to get and provide Local services
• To help the peoples to get best services
• It can be accessed from any browser having connectivity with the
• Development
• Front end:- MVC 5, C# language, Java,
SQl lite , Web API, JSON, Google API, Firebase
API, Ajax
• Back end:- SQL server 2012
• Framework 4.6.1
Flowchart of User
Flowchart of Service Provider
Use case Diagram for Admin

Use case Diagram for User

Use case diagram for Service

Service Provider
•Live Demo
Database Design
• Thank you for watching