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What is Fool Proofing?

It is
Fundamentals of Quality Management
Infrastructure of Automation

Function of Fool Proofing in Quality Management

Quality Technology
Quality Analysis, Quality Development
Quality Measurement Development

Management for Quality Methods of Quality Management
Quality Policy of Company, Statistical Tools, Synthetic Methods,
Management for Objectives, Cross-Functional Management,
Quality Technology for Organic Encouragement and Enhancement
non-manufacturing Output, Self and mutual Enrichment
Quality Visit by Executives

System of Quality Management

Quality Assurance System for;
Product Development, Production,
Purchase, Sales & Marketing

Wide spread intensive activities installing

Fool Proofing, Mistake Prevention, Fail Safe
Purpose of Fool Proofing

For Products:
To prevent trouble due to customer's
Misuse and Abuse.
To eliminate the possibility of Misuse
and Abuse.

Fro Process:
To eliminate the possibility of mistake.
To prevent the influence of mistake
into products.

Type of Fool Proofing
1. Mistake Preventing Environment.

2. Mistake Detection.

3. Mistake Prevention.

4. Prevention of Influence of Mistakes

1. Mistake Preventing Environment

A. Clean and well Arranged Working


B. Simplification in Work

C. Visualization of Operation Status

Clean Environment and Housekeeping

Five Steps of Housekeeping (5S)

1. Seiri(整理) Define frequency of usage
for all materials in floor.
2. Seiton(整頓)Arrange the storing location
of materials according to those usage.
3. Seisou(清掃)Sweep away not needed
materials, and Clean up everywhere.
4. Seiketu(清潔)Keep Clean.
5. Shituke(躾) Create a Habit to be in
Clean environment.

Simplification and Visualization
in Work
From: Two Instruction Descriptions in one Open

Type: J316-01 Type: J316-02

Material Type: xxxx Material Type: xxxy

Special Requirement: Nomal Special Requirement: Hole - Buff polish

90.0 + .10 92.0 + .05

- .10 - .05

8.0 + .15 8.2 + .05

- .05 - .05

To: One Product Description in One Sheet

hanging Wire

Type: J316-02

Material Type: xxxy

Special Requirement:
Hole - Buff polish
Clear Folder
92.0 + .05
- .05 Key Attention:
1. Reference point is Upper side
2. Confirm drill edge condition
8.2 + .05
- .05

To: Simplification and Visualization in Work

Tapping machine of print circuit board

Instruction bookshelf

Open Instruction manual

Instruction manual

Product Type: A2B6

Program #: 25 Load Program

Receive production order

Hang manual
to display stand

Improved instruction manual

with pocket as program tape
From: Too Complicated Requirement in Work

Instruction manual
Reference Wave

Over shouting
Adjust : C12
Adjust: R5

Circuit board

Adjust over shouting output signal

by changing capacitor C12, then
adjust gain by changing resistor C12


Trouble: Take too much time for regulation of function wave,

Not exact adjustment.

To: Visualization and Automatic Instruction

Action: Change instrument from syncroscope to computer,

Show function wave and reference wave on same plane,
Show in screen position of devices which are needed adjustment
with the direction of adjustment.


R5 C12


Computer Circuit board

Mistake Detection

Mark on parts
Height detector

Weight sensor

Stopping bar

Use of Sensors
Mistake Detection: Marking and Sensor

Wrench head with

Work Air
red marker sponge

Flow detector

Power wrenches

Central Sequence Controller

An air-flow detector detect whether wrench is used up to presetting torque level,

and a sequence counter determines how many times wrench has been used by
presetting torque in a standard time. If the frequency detected is not same as
the number of bolts to be fixed, a warning light and sound are given. A missing
red mark on the bolt head indicates the forgotten position.

Mistake Detection: "Set Operation"

Certification Dry batteries User's manual Before the start of packing opera-
card set tion, twenty set of parts that are
certification card, two dry batteries
and user's manual are provided.
During twenty packing operation,
if there is shortage of provided ma-
20 sheets 20 sets 20 books terial in some item, one of packed
box contain two same materials.
If there is remaining material after
the twenty packing, one box miss it.

20 boxes

Mistake Detection: Use of Sequencer

"Green" Lamp

"Red" lamp

Box door with switch

After when door
opened, lamp color
change from "Red" to
Table Work "Green"

Mistake Detection and Automatic Recovery


Application of vacuum force is Rivet

widely seen in automatic process-
ing, e.g. sheet paper separator in
copy machine.
This example show us that many
possibility of mistake detection inAssembling table
automatic operation applying Pressure detector
vacuum force.

Automatic Assembling Machine