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Rajshree Srivastava
• Digital innovation has become the boom in
every sector.
• Management education is that part of education
sector which generates and gives birth to future
• Technovations has provided an opportunity to
each and every sector to enter into management
Management Education
• Management Education
Education in management comprises of studies which focuses on teaching
the managerial aspects of business to students by the faculties who
have already experienced the same theories into the market.

• Innovations in Technology
To innovate is to step beyond what we have been currently doing and to
develop a creative thought that helps us to do our job in a more
innovative way.

• Impact of Innovations in Technology on Management Education

Technology consists of the use of, tools, techniques, materials and sources
of power to make life endurable or more pleasurable and work more
 Study of innovations in technology on
management education.
 Study of Impact of innovations in technology
on management students.
To evaluate the factors leading to innovations
in technology in education with reference to
faculties and students.
 G.N. Wikramanayake, 2014, in research work has reported that
Paradigm shifts in today’s world have acknowledged the Machine
/ Industrial era being substituted by Technology / Information era.
 Janni Nielsen, 2018, has supported in the project that aims to
contribute significantly to higher education by proposing a
specific master’s degree program to develop innovative managers,
researchers, and local developers as well as provide a direct link
between industry and society using a framework of blended
learning approach.
 Innovation could help improve the quality of education, as well as
provide more “bang for the buck” in times of budget pressures
and rising demand- Innovating Education and Educating for
Innovation the Power of Digital Technologies and Skills,
OECD, 2016.

Type: Empirical Research

Data Type: Combination of Primary as well as
Secondary data
Instrument: Survey Instrument is used in this
project (Questionnaire).
Method used: Quantitative statistical analysis.
Responses of Students -60
Responses from Faculties-20
Analysis of Students Questionnaire

• Results shows the normative use of technology is

benefited to vast population under study indicating a
positive outcomes in survey.

With the analysis above it can very well be presented that students of today’s era are more
prone towards technology usage in their daily educational requirements. Technology to
a greater extent is helping the management students in achieving their goals and
reaching heights and exploring the world. More user friendly innovation in technological
revolution has in fact aided the students with new catalysts to make searches and learn
Analysis of Faculties Responses

From the above analysis it has been

evaluated that majority of the faculties
are exercising digital tools to conduct
teaching in a more innovative way
and they are using these technologies
not only to teach but more to update
themselves or their area of knowledge
with the current trends and issues.
Factors Responsible For
Technovations in Education
• Google
• Inventions of Electronic gadgets (Laptop, i-
pads, Kindler)
• Launch of Android phones
• Availability of internet world wide
• Research tools and software
• Competition
• Social Media
• The face of education, whether online, hybrid,
or classroom, is constantly changing, and it is
important for educators to stay abreast of the
many opportunities and possibilities that are
• In return will provide the learner and the
instructor a base for exploring new passion in
their respective field