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Codes&Conventions of an


There is always a slogan in an advert the slogan can be different on different

adverts even if the same business is advertising the product,for example

These examples are circled below

All adverts have a logo this is to show customers what business is being
Fonts are always in an advert and come in all shapes and sizes to show the
slogan.Fonts can be serif or san-serif.For example in the coronma advert the font
is huge so the audience cannot miss it and in the ecovia advert the font is quite
small but has colour so draws the audience's attention.
Themes in an advert are always consistent.For example in the redspot pizza
advert the pizza delivery man is doing the same pose in different scenarios.
Colour scheme
Every advert has a colour scheme this sets the mood of the advert.For example in
this corona advert the colour scheme is grey which suggest it's dull.
Every advert has a main image and some businesses struggle to maintain the
main image without it being too much of a copy of the corresponding adverts.For
example the use of different colours and hand signals keep the advert fresh.
The layout of an advert is what attracts the audience.For example in this corona
advert the layout is that there is big text right in the middle of the advert which
immediately draws the audience's attention