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Identify the
Objectives different elements
of delegation.

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Discussion Starter
1. “How does your mother
delegates the household
chores at your home?
2. “Is delegating work
effective for you?

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Main Idea:

•Delegation refers to assigning a
new or additional task to a
subordinate; it may also refer to
getting work done through others
by giving them the right to make
decisions and take action.

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Key Terms:
Delegation • refers to assigning in a new or
additional task to a subordinate; or
getting the work done through others by
giving them the right to make decisions
or take action

Authority • the right to act legally or officially

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Key Terms:
Responsibility • the state of being answerable legally
and morally for the discharge of duty

Accountability is to be liable to be called to explain

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Steps in Delegation
1. Defining the goal clearly. Managers must clearly explain the task
objective and the work or duties
someone else is expected to do.
2. Selecting the person who will The selected subordinate must be
be given the task. competent and must share the
manager’s task objectives.
3. Assigning of responsibility Managers must explain that the
responsibility assigned to the selected
subordinate is an expectation for him or
her to perform the assigned tasks well.
4. Asking the person assigned It is expected that the person chosen to
about his or her planned do the task already has a tentative plan
approaches to accomplish the of action that may be presented to the
task objectives. manager, to assure him or her that the
person assigned could achieve the task

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Steps in Delegation
5. Granting the assigned person If the manager is satisfied with the
the authority to act tentative plan of action presented,
granting of the authority to act
immediately follows. Authority is a right
to act in ways needed to carry out the
assigned task.
6. Giving the assigned person Accountability is the assigned person’s
enough time and resources to willingness to complete the job, as
do the task, while at the same agreed upon.
time emphasizing his or her
7. Checking the task Following up and discussing the task
accomplishment progress. accomplishment progress at regular
intervals is necessary.
8. Making sure that the task
objective has been achieved.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of
Advantages Disadvantages
It prevents work overload among It may cause laziness among
organization managers. organization managers.
It provides opportunities for It may encourage too much
employee or subordinates dependence on others.
assigned to do the task to fully
utilize their talents on the job.
It leads to empowerment of It may cause lack of control over priority
employees or subordinates management problems.
assigned to do the task, as it
allows them freedom to
contribute ideas and to perform
their job in the best possible way.
It increases job satisfaction It may cause low self-confidence
among the assigned employees among managers.
or subordinates, that may lead to
better job performance.
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Fast Learning Review
1. Define the term “delegation.”

2. What are the steps involved in delegating tasks to


3. What are the positive effects of delegating tasks?

4. What will be the possible result if managers frequently

delegate their task to others? Justify your answer

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1. Interview the president of any recognized student
organization in your school regarding his or her
perspective on delegation of tasks. List down his/ her
comments and discuss these in class.
2. Case Study:
Engineer Jose Santos is a supervisor of a group of light
project engineers. His unit is burdened with heavy
workload because of increase in orders of their
company’s computer components. Following up
customer’s orders and the availability of these said
products by himself is too much work for him. As a
consultant for the company, what would you advice
Engineer Santos? Explain your answer.

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