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Clearing Confusion

‫كشف االلباث‬
Part II
Abu Muhammad
Starting Point
• “Clearing Confusion” is a • Part II of this presentation
great book authored by our intends to address the wrong
assertion on the name of angel
master, Sheikh Ibrahim of death by Wahhabis clerics
Inyass(RA). allerging:
• This work is not a – Azra’il as the name of angel of
death is never mentioned in the
translation of the original holy Qur’an
work, as done in other – Neither in authentic Hadith
fashions. – And therefore Azra’il is not a
• It is extending the noble name of Angel of death
goal of the work to issues
that cause confusion in
Muslim World!
The verse in focus

Say, "The angel of death will take you, who has been entrusted with you.
Then to your Lord you will be returned.

Qur’an 32:11
The verses in Focus
• Uthaymeen and other • Therefore, Azra’eel
Wahhabis clerics according to Wahhabis
commenting on Qur’an
is NOT name of angel
32:11 asserts that the
name of angel of death as of death and is
reported in the holy Qur’an following Jewish
is ‫ ملك الموت‬ANGEL OF nomenclature.
DEATH • The right name of the
• AZRA’EEL is never angel is Malakul Mawt
mentioned anywhere in the
(Angel of Death)
Qur’an and not in any
authentic hadith. according to Wahhabis
The Error in the Assertion
• Names are used in the Holy • Are all the blessed
Qur’an, however not all names
are mentioned otherwise the wives of the
holy Qur’an will be so large that prophet(SAW)
reading it will be difficult! mentioned by name in
• Prophetic hadith established the holy Qur’an?
messengers of God to 313, but
is it all of them that are • A name just because it
mentioned by name? Only 25 is not mentioned in the
are mentioned!
• Is Nigeria mentioned in the holy
holy Qur’an does not
Qur’an? Then according to this mean it does not exist
theory of Wahhabis there is no or not used anywhere
Nigeria since it is not
mentioned in the holy Qur’an.
in time!
Analyzing the confused
‫ملك الموت‬ Angel of Death
‫ الملك وكل بالموت هو‬An angel
‫ياخذ ارواح بني ءادام‬ responsible for
putting the lives of
creatures to a
terminal end.
Which angels are mentioned
Michael is mentioned in • And the angel in question
Qur’an 2:98 as Malakul Mawt (Angel of
Gabriel is mentioned in Death) in Qur’an 32:11.
Qur’an 2:97, 2:98, and 66:4 • Let us trace how and why
by the name Jabreel, these ancient angels
mentioned elsewhere not by names are mentioned in
this name. such manners in the holy
Saraphiel (Israfeel) book
mentioned in hadith of
Gabriel (Jabreel)
• The angel for reveleation, • Jabr is a Hebrew word
destruction of cities of the having three combined
stubborn, blowing soul meanings in other
into fetus (Special languages including
Duties). Arabic:
• The name is a Hebrew – Very Strong (‫)قوي‬
origin, Jabr and Iel mentioned in Qur’an 53:5
• Iel is an ancient Hebrew addressed the angel
“One of awesome
name for God, sometimes strength”.
pronounced Eloi. In early – Very Loyal(‫)مطاء‬
scriptures which are nebtioned in Qur’an
revealed in Hebrew most 81:21
angels names are – Trusted (‫ )امين‬mentioned
attached with this name. in Qur’an 81:21
Gabriel (Jabreel)

Putting the 3 Arabic words together gave the

Arabic translation of Gabriel to Shadidul Quwa wa
Muta’en Thamma Ameen(One with awesome
strength, very loyal and trusted).
 Since there are no two words in Arabic
translating Gabr iel, Allah decided to use the
Hebrew name as it is in early revealed scriptures,
Gabriel in the holy Qur’an.
 If the long Arabic equivalent is used it will not
be portable as a name.
Michael (MiKeel)
Name is ancient Hebrew as well Translating the name of this
from two words Mich and iel the angel in Arabic will also
latter name of God Almigthy.
required usage of three
While Mich have three meanings
as well:
words with some articles
Bringer of Fertility to his subject, like Gabriel.
Bringer of Security (e.g. food •God in His infinite wisdom
security), and
Availability of things to be used. retained the ancient name in
The holy Qur’an 2:96 narrated Hebrew as He mentioned it
when Jews refused to accept the in the holy Qur’an to have
call of prophet Muhammad(SAW) portable translated name in
on account that it was not Michael the scripture.
that bring revealation to him, they
only have liking for Michael and •The Hebrew word Michael
not Gabriel. is retained in the Arabic
Azriel or Malakul Mawt
This name of the angel in question has  Therefore AZR means One
two words also Hebrew origin: who brings death.
Azr which means one who renders help and
assistance, and Iel being name of God means
Iel name of God he came from God to bring
In the ancient time, when knowledge of death(An Angel)
medicine has not developed, diseases
plagued societies and two healers are very The name Azriel can therefore
important. be translated in only two words
The first healer is a native doctor who in Arabic, i.e. Malakul Mawt
assist patients with cure and remedy for
(Angel of Death)
diseases and ailments.
The angel of death is also considered This was the reason why God
as healer then, because if native called him in Arabic as Malakul
doctors failed, he provide lasting Mawt in the Arabic scripture
healing to patients with death. Hence
he is referred to as Azr (who renders
(Holy Qurán)
help by giving death to sick or ailing
Azriel or Malakul Mawt

• ‫ ملك الموت‬is the same as Azriel the first

appears in the holy Qur’an and the latter in
early Hebrew Scriptures.
• Language of each scripture is used for the same angel .
• Two words are used in both Arabic and Hebrew to describe
the angel and all have the same meanings.
• Hence no need of adopting Azriel in the Arabic Qur’an since
there is a portable equivalent in Arabic to Azriel.
Azriel or Malakul Mawt
•Is not wrong to call
the angel Azriel ,
particularly if Hebrew
is one’s dialect.
•Just like it is not wrong
for a French man to call We sent not a messenger except (to
the angel as ange de la teach) in the language of his (own)
people, in order to make (things) clear
mort, or a Hausa man to them. Now Allah leaves straying
to call the angel as those whom He pleases and guides
whom He pleases: and He is Exalted in
Mala’ikan Mutuwa. power, full of Wisdom.

Qur; an 14:4
Azriel (Malakul Mawt) will take
another name
• When Divine judgement
and resurrection for
second life was
established, the task of
carrying death will
almost be over.
• Azriel will be relieved of
the task of taking lives,
except in few places as
God may assign. The
name will no longer be
Confusion cleared!

‫هللا اعلم‬