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Codes and conventions

of Print adverts
On the print adverts for the same advertising campaign all adverts will have the same logo in the
same position. It is simple and does not distract from the image in the print advert.

In all of the adverts, the Protex

logo is in the same position in the
bottom right hand corner. It does
not take any attention away from
the focus of the image but is still
noticeable and stands out.
Similar Images
In all of the print adverts, the main images should all relate to each other. The images should
also be clear and easy to understand.

In the Protex print adverts all of

the images obviously relate to
each other. The images also stand
out because they are brightly
coloured on a black background.
Simple images
The images in a print advert should be clear and recognisable so that the theme of the advert is
easily to understand by the audience.

The images clearly show the

theme of the advert, which is
that Protex fights germs. The
images are simple but
effective in getting the
message across to the
All of the print adverts for the same company will have the same slogan on all of them. This is so
the brand is easily recognisable. It will also show the theme of the advert.

The Corona adverts all have the

same slogan which is “Or you’ll
regret what you did last night.”
This slogan relates to the theme
of the print advert which is to
drink responsibly.
Print adverts should have the same font on all of the adverts to show that they are all for the
same brand. The font that they choose should be clear and readable, and should
relate to the theme of the advert.

The corona adverts all have

the same font. The words that
the people have said are bold
and heavy looking, this relates
to the theme of the advert.
The slogan is also the same on
all adverts and is easy to read
as it is clear and a simple font.
Similar colour scheme
In all print adverts for the same brand, the images should have the same colour scheme.
This is to show that the adverts are the same.

In all of the Ecovia adverts, the

images all have he same colour
scheme. They all have a black
background which makes the
people in the images stand out.
The colours of the cars are all
bright which match the colour
of the slogan. This clearly makes
the slogan noticeable on the
neutral colours of the image
High key lighting
Print adverts should all have similar lighting so that the images relate to one
another. High key lighting will make the main focus of the image stand out from the
rest of it.

In all of the Ecovia adverts, the

images all have a dark
background and the person in
the images are in the focus of
the light. This makes the image
clear, signifying the theme of
the image which is driving
The print adverts should have a clear message that it is trying to give the audience. To get the
message across, the advert will have clear images and slogans.

The advertv clearly shows

that Protex fights germs, this
promotes the product in a
positive way making its
audience likely to want to
purchase it.
Focus on positive product
Print adverts that advertise for a product will sell it in a positive way so that more people will buy
it. Other print adverts may show the theme of the advert in a more negative way to get their
message across. For example to show awareness of drinking responsibly or driving safely. They
are serious messages so they will need to advertise it in a different way.