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“Retailing, Do and Make,


•Cynthia Adi Jaya/30120080
•Meilia Devina/30120217
•Tania Megananda/34120042
•Grace Aurellia/34120365
Lecturer: Ibu Elisabeth Vita
Class: A
What is retailing?
Selling of merchandise
and certain services to
the consumer. It
ordinarily involves the
selling of individual units
or small lots to large
numbers of customers
by a business set up for
that specific purpose.
About Matahari
• Matahari Department Store is Indonesia's largest department store
retailer of fashion apparel, beauty products and home products.
• With a network of over 1,200 local suppliers as well as international
suppliers developed over its 55 year history, Matahari provides the
growing Indonesian middle classes with the latest in fashion trends,
modern and well-appointed stores, and a physical presence in over
50 cities in Indonesia, adding 13 stores in 2012.
• Beginning with one children's fashion store in Pasar Baru, Jakarta
on 24 October 1958, Matahari opened the country's first modern
department store in 1972, expanding the store base rapidly over the
past 55 years.
• Due to its focus on providing goods and services
that enhance the lifestyle of the targeted middle
income consumer segment, Matahari Department
Store remains top of mind for its customers
looking for quality fashion at an affordable price.
• The Company continues to be rated the number
one department store in Indonesia. With a sales
force of over 40,000 people, a domestic supplier
base that provides over 90% of the product sold in
the stores, and a presence in over 50 cites across
the Indonesian archipelago, Matahari is truly a
heritage brand recognized as Indonesia's
preferred department store.
Vission and Mission

• To be Indonesia’s Most Preferred Retailer

• Consistently delivering fashion-right products
and services that enhance the customers’ quality
of life

The above Vision and Mission have been approved by The Board of
Commissioners and The Board of Directors of PT Matahari
Department Store Tbk
• 1958
The first company store opened on October 24 and was managed by
Mr. Hari Darmawan.
The two-storey high building, measuring 150 square meters, was located in
Pasar Baru, Jakarta
• 1972
Matahari pioneered the modern department store concept in
• 1980
Matahari opened its first store outside Jakarta, in Bogor.
• 1986
Establishment of PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (MPP).
• 1997
Multipolar became the main shareholder of MPP.
• 2000
Matahari launched the Matahari Club Card (MCC),
which has now grown to be one of Indonesia’s largest customer loyalty
• 2008
The opening of 6 department stores, including 3 stores with a New
Generation concept, showcasing the best of modern department store
• 2009
An affiliated company of MPP, PT Pacific Utama Tbk, acquired
Matahari Department Store Division, allowing Matahari to become a
stand-alone public company, trading as PT Matahari Department Store Tbk
• 2010
Matahari was acquired by PT Meadow Indonesia (MI), a subsidiary of
Asia Color Company Limited (ACC). Both MI and ACC were indirectly
majority owned by CVC Asia Fund III.
• 2011
MI and Matahari merged, with Matahari as the surviving entity.
• 2012
Matahari broke the annual sales record again and
opened new stores.
Matahari kept expanding by opening 13 new stores until
the end of 2012, resulting a total of 116 stores over more
than 50 towns in Indonesia. Matahari kept becoming
leader of the retail market share of modern department
• Awards

• Top Brand Award 2013

Frontier Consulting Group & Marketing Magazine
'Top Brand' for Department Store category
• 100 Largest Companies in Indonesia
Fortune Magazine
92nd position in The List of 100 Largest Companies
in Indonesia
23rd position Based on Retail and Service Sector
• Indonesia's Most Admired Company (IMAC) Award 2013
Frontier Consulting Group and Bloomberg Business week
‘The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image'
for Department Store category
• Top Brand Awards for Kids 2013
Frontier Consulting Group & Marketing Magazine
‘Top Brand’ Category : Kids’ T-Shirt (Little M)
• Top Brand Award 2012
Frontier Consulting Group & Marketing Magazine
‘Top Brand’ for Department Store Category
Store and Location


• What is questionnaire?
A questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of a series
of questions and other prompts for the purpose of gathering
information from respondents.

• Advantages
-do not require as much effort from the questioner as verbal or
telephone surveys
-often have standardized answers that make it simple to compile
We are constantly striving to provide a good food service. This survey is
part of the
process. Please help us to do this by completing this questionnaire.

This section is about the food in the staff restaurant. Please tick the
appropriate boxes and add your comments where relevant.

How many times do you usually eat in the staff restaurant?

 More than three times a week
 up to three times a week
 once a week
 hardly ever (Please specify why)

2. When you eat in the staff restaurant, what type of food do you normally
choose? (Tick each one as appropriate)
 starter
 vegetables
 desserts
 hot main course
 fried food
 fresh fruit
 vegetarian main course
 salads
 sandwiches
 other (Please specify)

3. Thinking about value for money, how would you describe the food in
 Good value for money
 reasonable
 bad
(Please give reasons)


4. How would you describe the variety of foods on offer?

(Please give reasons)

5. What improvements, if any, would you like to see in the variety of foods on offer?


6. If the following were introduced in the staff restaurant how likely would you be to try them? (✔)
Very likely Quite likely Quite unlikely Very unlikely
• low-fat spread

• low-fat yoghurt

• frozen yoghurt

• fresh fruit

• exotic varieties of fresh fruit

• diff types of bread (e.g. wholemeal)

• semi-skimmed milk

• jacket potatoes with fillings

7. Are you concerned about the types of food you eat (i.e. do you consider
whether they are healthy for you?

 Most of the time

 sometimes
 never

8. Would you like more information about (✔)

Yes No
the ingredients used in our dishes?

how our dishes are prepared and cooked?

This section is about the restaurant environment and service.

9. Please tick as appropriate

Most of the time Some of the time Never

• I have to queue for a long time

• The restaurant is very clean

• The cutlery is clean

• The portion sizes are about right

• The staff are helpful

• The staff are well-presented

• The general service is good

• I can find a seat

10. Are there any other comments you would like to
about the breakfast service? ---------------------------------
about the lunch service? ---------------------------------------
generally? -----------------------------------------------------------
Please supply the following details about yourself: (✔)
Age: under 16 16-34 35-54 55 and over
Sex: male female
Type of work:
Managerial ()
administrative ()
clerical manual ()
other (Please specify) ()


Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Results will be treated in

confidence.Please give your name and a contact department/number if you
would like us to follow up your comments.

Name --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Contact department -------------------------------------------------------------------------