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UN English Preparation

For SMP Students

The Materials are:
• Reading Comprehension
Non-continuous Text : A Recipe
• Intensifier
• Language Function
Expressing Likes and Dislikes
Expressing Hopes
Chocolate Chip Muffins
Ingredients (for ten)
 125 grams butter
 40 grams white sugar
 40 gram soft brown
 2 eggs
You need :
 125 ml milk
• 10 paper cases
 200 grams flour
• A small bowl
 5 ml baking powder
• 2 large bowl
 200 g chocolate chips
• An electric mixer
 15 ml cocoa powder
• A large spoon
• A baking tray
1. What is the text about?
The text is about ….
a. how to make chocolate muffins
b. the ingredients for chocolate muffins
c. tool and ingredients to make
chocolate muffins.
d. the shopping list
2. How much soft brown sugar do you
need if you want to make 5
a. 40 grams
b. 20 grams
c. 200 grams
d. 400 grams
3. How many muffins can be made
from the recipe above?
a. 5
b. 7
c. 10
d. 12
4. You need electric mixer to make
The underlined word means …

a. The mixer which is used manually

b. It needs hand power only to use it
c. It needs electricity power to use it
d. It is an expensive mixer
5. You want to share your chocolate muffin
to 20 of your friends in your birthday.
How many grams of butter do you need
to make the muffins?

a. 125 grams
b. 250 grams
c. 200 grams
d. 300 grams
• Definition
Intensifier adalah kata yang digunakan
untuk menguatkan arti kata sifat
(adjective) dan kata keterangan (adverb).
• Kinds of Intensifiers
enough; very; too; quite; rather
A. enough
Berarti cukup dan ditempatkan sesudah
kata sifat (adjective) atau adverb.
 It’s good enough to go fishing.
 Fajri isn’t old enough to enlist in the army.
 Have you bought enough tickets fro the
B. very
Digunakan untuk menguatkan arti:
 Di depan adjective
Nada is very clever.
 Di depan adjective + Noun
Jakarta is a very big city.
 Di depan adverb
She always studies very seriously.
C. too
Artinya “terlalu” dan ditempatkan di
depan kata sifat (adj) atau kata
keterangan (adv) untuk menunjukkan
“more than is desirable”.
 He is still too young to get married.
 The house is too big for us.
 The weather in this city is too cold to go out
during the night.
D. quite
artinya “sungguh” dan digunakan di depan
kata sifat, kata keterangan, dan kata kerja
yang bersifat positif.
 This novel is quite interesting.
 He walks quite slowly.
 I quite like swimming, but it is not my favorite
 It is quite a nice day to have a picnic.
E. rather
Berarti “agak” dan digunakan dengan ‘negative
words’ dan menunjukkan negative idea.
 It’s rather cold this morning. You had better
wear your sweater.
 The test was rather difficult. I could not do it
 She is quite pretty but rather arrogant.
 This dictionary is quite good but rather
Contoh Soal Intensifier
1. Indi: Would you take that box on the top
shelf for me.
Ari: Why don’t you take it yourself?
Indi: It is … high for me to reach the top of
the shelf.
Ari: Ok, I’ll get it for you.
a. too
b. very
c. quite
d. rather
2. Budi: Who got the highest score for the
last Math test?
Adi: Ahmad did.
Budi: He is a … clever student. He always
gets good score.
Adi: Yeah, you’re right.

a. too
b. very
c. quite
d. rather
3. Bima: Did you come to the meeting
Arya: No, I was … lazy. Besides I
was busy preparing the test.
a. too
b. very
c. rather
d. quite
4. The tailor: Can I help you?
Ida: Yes, I’d like to shorten my
trousers. It is ….
The tailor: How many centimeters I have to
cut it?
Ida: Make it five.

a. quite big
b. too short
c. quite long
d. too long
5. Ardi: The music is loud.
Amir: Loud? It certainly is.
Ela: Yes, I’m getting a headache. I think the
music is very loud.
Irma: I can’t hear what anybody is saying.
The music is … loud.

a. so
b. quite
c. rather
d. too
Language Function
Expressing Likes/Dislikes

• Expressing Like
like +N/ V(ing)
be fond of +N/ V(ing)
be keen on +N/ V(ing)
be crazy about +N/ V(ing)
Language Function
Expressing Likes/Dislikes

• Expressing Dislike
dislike +N/ V(ing)
don’t/doesn’t like + N / V(ing)
can’t stand of +N/ V(ing)
hate +N/ V(ing)
1. Fila : What did you do last weekend,
Tina : Reading
Fila : Do you like reading comic?
Tina : Yes, …. I spent a lot to buy the
newest edition.
a. I am not keen on reading comic
b. I am fond of it
c. I don’t like it
d. I hate it
2. Manda : You never miss Julia Robert’s
movie, do you?
Rima : Yes, … her. She’s just a perfect
actress for me.
Manda : Oh, I see.

a. I hate
b. I dislike
c. I couldn’t stand of
d. I am crazy about
3. Alif: How many hours a day do you
watch TV?
Abi: It’s about 2-3 hours after 7 p.m.
How about you?
Alif: … watching TV. I can stay for
hours in front of it.
a. I am fond of
b. I can’t stand of
c. I dislike
d. I don’t like
4. Ami : What are you doing, Ela?
Ela : I’m listening to some Indonesia
Ami : Is it dangdut?
Ela : No, ... . I prefer listening to some
traditional music to dangdut.

a. Do you like it
b. Is it your favorite
c. I can’t stand of it
d. Are you interested in it
5. Wila : … of traveling so much. It
really makes me happy to go
out and see new place.
Banu : Why don’t you go camping
on next holiday.
a. I am not keen
b. I hate
c. I am fond
d. I can’t stand
Expressing Hopes
Mengungkapkan Harapan
• Expressing Hopes • Responding
 I hope you’re OK  Don’t worry, I’m fine.
 I hope that you will  Oh, well, not to worry
get better soon I suppose.
 I hope everything  That’s OK
goes well  Thanks. I’m OK
 I hope you will ….
1. Edo : My mother is seriously ill.
Muctar : Have you taken her to the doctor ?
Edo : Yes, and she has to take some
medicine regularly.
Muchtar : … she will get well soon.
a. I say
b. I hope
c. I think
d. I don’t say
2. Anita : Do you think the rain is going to stop?
Roma : … because I have something to do at five.
Anita : Look at the sky. It’s very dark. Still let’s hope
for the best
Roma : Yes, Who knows someone pick us up now.
a. I hope so
b. I don’t know
c. I want it
d. I don’t think so
3. Indah : How is your mother, Dewi ?, Is she
getting better ?
Dewi : She is. She looks healthier
Indah : … soon
Dewi : So do I
a. May God Bless her
b. I hope she’ll be here
c. I hope she’ll be better
d. The doctor will operate her
4. Pipi : Transportation from North Sumatera
has been stop for a week.
Akim : Is there any earthquake again in
Pipi : Yes, but ….

a. I’m glad it happened again

b. I hope it is the last one
c. I’m certain it will happen again
d. I agree it happened there
5. Yudi : I heard you have got a job, Rud?
Rudi : Yes. I thank to God for it. I hope
you will get one too.
Yudi : ….

a. I don’t think so
b. I hope so
c. I am sorry
d. It’s O.K