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Explain how the radio industry

operates and structures broadcasts

Hannah Nightingale Unit 14

What type of station is it?
BBC Radio 1Xtra is a digital radio
station based in the UK operated by
the BBC. Specialising in urban
music, the station launched in 2002.
The BBC is a public service
broadcaster and so does not include
any advertisements in it’s services,
as the funding comes from television
licensing fees. The content on BBC
Radio 1Xtra services quite a large
audience- primarily the younger
generation. It is very diverse and
at several intervals in the day, the
presenters change hands to do their
own shows. These presenters are of
all ages, races, and genders, but
all have a common interest in urban
What type of station is it?
CLassic FM is one of three UK
independent radio stations. Launched in
1992- the station broadcasts classical
music. Classic FM broadcasts nationally
on: FM, DAB, Freeview, satellite, and
cable TV. The station is available
internationally by streaming over the
internet. As well as playing older
music, the station also airs several
modern film scores and video game
music. Despite this, Classic FM still
claims to be ‘the UK’s only 100%
classical music station. The audience
for Classic FM are primarily of the
older generation and is targeted to the
over 40’s.
Who works at these
Both stations have Presenters/
DJ’s: Classic FM

Amplify Dot Nick Bright Alan Titchmarsh Anne- Marie Minhall

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Both stations have Producers:
Classic FM

Dari Samuels Nikita Chauhan Chris Chilvers Jenny Nelson

BBC Radio 1Xtra

Staff ● Broadcast Assistants
● Controllers
● Radio Traffic Managers
Other roles include:
What does this work entail?

Radio Presenter- Radio Radio Broadcast Assistant- Radio broadcast

Presenters are the voice of assistants offer support to the radio
a radio station or presenters and producers that they work with.
programme, and create the
tone and style of radio
Radio Programme Controllers- Radio programme
controllers lead programming teams on
commercial radio stations.
Radio Producer- Radio
producers are responsible
for creating the content Radio Traffic Managers- Radio traffic
for a radio show, and managers schedule advertising and promotions
manage the whole radio for commercial radio in a bid to boost
production process. revenue.