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Off The Rails

An innovative fashion app created by

Hannah Nightingale
Selling my idea
What is Off the Rails?

OTR is an innovative clothing app, which allows you to buy your favourite artists
clothes at the tap of a button. This breakthrough in modern fashion is a perfect
example of the convergence of fashion and technology in the digital era.
Aims of OTR

➔ To create a diverse and versatile


➔ Finding and filling a gap in the


➔ Provide a fun, innovative and

new way of shopping
Product outline and
Statement of need
The unique selling point of this app is the ease in which normal people; the general public can immerse themselves
in a taste of celebrity life. Giving them exclusive advice and interviews, and helping them indulge in the latest
celebrity trends. With Off the Rails everyone can feel like a famous artist.

Primary target audience- 12-13 year olds

Men and women

Various music genres

Imaginary Entity
Resources and
➔ Researchers
➔ Programmer
➔ Graphic designer

➔ Marketer
Marketing and Distribution
Any Questions OTR