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Inspired Teacher

National University
Taylor Petrus
Yaritza Orellana
Shayne Whitehead
Allison Shepard
Dedicated Teacher
A dedicated teacher is an essential quality for the success of the
teacher and students.
• Self care
 “A dedicated teacher is dedicated to their own well-being, which then allows them to bring
the same dedication and quality to all areas of their life, including their work and the
students they teach” (Benhayon, 2017).

 You cannot dedicate yourself to others if you do not take care of yourself first.

• The want to always improve

 TPE 6 - Seek opportunities to reflect on and improve their practice through collaborative
inquiry, observation feedback, and their own performance data.

• Willingness to help and give time

Dedicated Teacher

● Taking time to get to know your students and parents

● Gaining insight through colleagues
● Putting quality content into every lesson plan
■ Meeting all students needs
■ Making lessons UDL
● Having motivation
■ Demonstrating good work ethic
■ Inspiring your students in learning
Motivated Teacher
• Interested in what they do. They examine
what they do in the classroom and question
its value.
• Enjoy what they do and don’t see it as just
a ‘job’.
• Go to training workshops and give training
• They reflect on their teaching regularly and
in different ways.
Motivated Teacher
• Try new things with their students and find
out what works based on the interactions
with other teachers.
• Incorporate new ideas.
• Interested in their students and want their
students to be motivated in the classroom.
• Motivated teachers teach more than just
the syllabus.
Inspired teaching
Throughout the course, we discuss the importance of
establishing a classroom setting that inspires both, the teacher
and the students.
● As educators, we inspire students by:
■ Engaging all students in learning
■ Maintaining positive learning environments for students
■ Being knowledgeable in the subject matter you are presenting
■ Providing instruction that will create learning experiences for
the students
(Commission on Teacher Credentialing, 2016)
Inspired Teaching
● Become an inspired educator by:
■ Taking responsibility for what the students are
■ Learning about each one of your students and
understanding what their strengths and
weaknesses are
■ Being effective with the way you provide
■ Being flexible and willing to face all the roles
you are to provide as a teacher
(Moore, 2015)
Ethical Teaching
Ethics is a set of moral principles that govern your thinking, decision making
and conduct.
● As Ethical teachers we maintain the confidence of students, parents,
colleagues and the community.
● Principle 1: We help students realize their potential and worth as
effective members of society.
● Principle 2: We strive for conditions worthy of the trust placed in

NEA Ethics Code: (NEA, 2018)

Ethical Teaching
● For students: We foster integrity, responsibility, and respect for
the law and for human life.
● For parents: We communicate clearly, respect values, and
maintain a positive role in the community.
● For colleagues: We are honest, trustworthy, and safely guard
confidential information.
● For themselves: We accept accountability and strive to
demonstrate competence.

Code of Ethics: (Association of American Educators, 2018)


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