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Business Model Canvas Tool

Natassa Koufaki
Business Consultant, Euroconsultants SA

Wednesday, 5/11/2014,
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki
Business Idea Generation
Business Models vs Business
Επιχειρηματικό Σχέδιο: Ένα έγγραφο το οποίο γράφετε
και οι επενδυτές δεν διαβάζουν.

Επιχειρηματικό Μοντέλο: Ένα ενιαίο διάγραμμα που

περιγράφει την επιχείρησή σας.

- Steve Blank
Business Model Canvas
Past Belief What we know now
 You start any company with  No Business Plan survives
an operating plan (business first contact with customer
plan) and a financial model.  The first years on a startup
 Spend a lot of time on is completely unpredictable
writing the business plan   There is no way you could
all need to do is execute it put together all data in a 5-
year plan
What’s a Startup?
A temporary organisation designed to search in a
repeatable and scalable business model
What is a Startup?
Startups Are Not Smaller Versions of Larger

Startups do search while large companies spend their

core time, executing.

Steve Blank
According to Steve Blank:
1. You need planning before the plan, i.e. you
need some real facts before you could write the
2. Figure out how to actually do some planning
and then you get to write the business plan.
3. You need some real facts before you could do

Organize your facts with Alexander Oscar Walters'
Business Model Canvas
Value Proposition
What value are you building and for Who?

It’s not about your product or idea

It’s about solving a need or a problem for a customer
Customer Segments
Who Are They?
Why Would They Buy?

Customers are not here to buy. You are here for them
How does the product
get to customers?

Physical channels…
Mobile Web channels…
Customer Relationships

How do you Get, Keep and Grow Customers?

Revenue Streams
How do you make money from your product and service being sold
to customer segments?

You can figure this out by interacting with customers so you finally
understand what the right revenue streams and revenue model is
Key Resources
What are your most important Assets to make
the business model work?
(knowledge, patents, people in specific areas,
customer lists, finance, capital, machines….)
Key Partners
Who are your partners and suppliers needed to make the business
model work?
What key activities do they perform and when?
Could be strategic alliances, joint ventures, just regular suppliers and
Key Activities
What are the most important things the company must do in order
for the business model to work?
Problem Solving?
Supply Chain Management?
Cost Structure
What are the costs and expenses to operate the business model?
Which key activities are the most expensive?
What are the most expensive resources?
Interesting videos
The Business Model Canvas in 2 minutes: The
Business Model Canvas Explained

Alexander Osterwalder: Sketching Out a Business

3 major tips for generating your
first business model prototype
1. Don’t do it alone
2. Set up a time limit
3. Never write on the business model canvas
Why Do Startups Fail
Co-founders fight and company breaks up?
They can't build their initial spec or vision? No one will fund the idea?
Too few people buy or use the product?
What can happen to a startup?
A) It can grow into a company and hopefully a large company after
you found a repeatable and scalable business model.
B) You can still pivoting and iterating as you continue to search for a
business model.
C) You could have found a business model but may be one that isn't
an explosive growth, but you could be growing slowly and barely
breaking even.
D) Maybe you never found the business model but you can make
money and you run out of money in time and you shut your company
Supplementary Reading

Business Model Generation, by Alex Osterwalder

The Startup Owner's Manual, by Steve Blank and Bob Dorf
The Four Steps to the Epiphany, by Steve Blank
Supplementary Tools
Launchpad central
Allows you to share your work, your customer discovery narrative, your
progress with developing your business model

Lean Launchpad 1 - Customer Discovery

( )
Phase 1: Customer Discovery - shows you how to identify your customers.
Build a startup with Steve Blank's customer development model.

Lean Launchpad 2 - Customer Building

Phase 2: Customer validation - is the method that allows you to develop a
predictable sales process. Build a startup with Steve Blank's customer
development model.
The TRIGGER project
• TRIGGER" aims to implement a comprehensive package of
actions that will have as final result the integration to labour
market and the enhancement of self-employment of 200
young scientists in the Greece – Bulgaria cross border region
and the emergence of prospects based on competitiveness,
productivity and innovation.
The TRIGGER virtual incubator

The TRIGGER e-tools
• A repository of e-tools – free to use and easy to understand
• Business toolbox
• Business Plan
• Marketing Plan
• Financial Analysis
• Trigger School
• Project Office
• Lobby Lounge
• Mentor’s Corner
Content Layout

 Five Modules
Basic concepts of entrepreneurship (Start up life cycle:
Idea generation to pitching)
 Each module consists of 3 sub-modules
 Each module includes:
 Training material in .ppt
 Resources for further Reading (articles, templates etc)
 Knowledge tests

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