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Code of Criminal Procedure

Qaiser Shah
University of Peshawar
Incase the accused is not Arrested

• Issue of Process (Sec 204)

Summons or warrant
• Proclamation for person absconding (Sec 87)
• Attachment of the moveable and immovable
property (Sec )88
Proceedings U/S 512Crpc

• Recording of Evidence in the absence of the

accused by the Trial Court

• Kinds of Bail
• Bail Before Arrest ( Sec 498 r/w Sec 497)
• Transit Bail ( Sec 86 r/w Sec 497)
• Post Arrest Bail / Regular bail (Sec 497)
Rules Regarding Grant of Bail
1. In Non Bail able offences
Sec 497
(1) Prohibitory Clause
(2) Further inquiry Clause
Statutory Bail
Rules Regarding the Grant of Bail

• Notice to the other party

• Bail Cancellation Application

Preliminary to trial

• Supply of Statements u/s 265-C

Commencement of Trial

• Definition of Charge

• Charge How Framed

• Framing of Charge

• Plead guilty

• Difference between plead guilty and

Recording of Evidence
• Prosecution Evidence
Examination In Chief
Cross Examination
Re Examination
Re Cross Examination

• Statement of the accused

• Examination of the accused on oath

• Defense evidence if any


• Arguments

• Judgment