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Dr. Widya Kiswara

January 6th, 2018

English Education Department
Faculty of Education
University of Technology Yogyakarta
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Why do people design textbook?

What is a textbook?

How do we design a textbook?

Questions and answers session

Why do people design textbooks?
What is a textbook?
• a book that contains detailed
information about a subject for people who are studying
that subject. Eg. an English textbook
• The National Education Department (2005) refers it as
teaching media in the classroom and used to deliver the
curriculum material in an education system.
• Nunan (1991) & Brown (2004). It is an important part of
the instructional system since in describes the goals,
lead the process and provide the evaluation instrument.
• Richards (2001: 251) says that textbooks serve as the
basis for much of the language input learners receive
and the language practice that occurs in the classroom.
Advantages V.S. Disadvantages
Advanteges Disadvantages
• provide material, reviews • deskill teachers and rob
and visual record of them of their capacity to
progress for students think professionally
(Riddell, 2003) • provide different cultures
• give secure feeling, from the users.
because learners can • some books fail to
predict what they are present appropriate and
going to study and they realistic language model.
have a certain pattern Crawford (2002) and
which will guide them Richards (2001)
what to do next (Halliwell,
• motivate learners to
Criteria of good texbooks
• Textbooks meet the learners’ needs (age, sex, cultural
background, interest, and educational background)
• Textbooks meet teachers’ needs
 characterized by their age, cultural background,
interests, educational background and teachers’
language proficiency
 characterized by their preferred teaching styles, their
teacher training experience and their teaching
• Textbooks meet administrators’ needs (sociopolitical
• needs, market forces, educational policy and constraints
such as time budget and resources)
How to design textbooks?
1) Voice your beliefs
2) build your construction
3) make the mapping of the book
4) develop the material
5) Read and reread, check and recheck
6) Sent the draft of the book to the
publishing company
Articulate Your Beliefs
beliefs about language
beliefs about the social context of language:
- Sociolinguistics
- Sociocultural issues
- Sociopolitical issues
beliefs about learning and learners
beliefs about teaching
What is language?
• a set or rules?
• a set of habits
• a means of communication?
• text?
Construction Building
Mapping of the book
1) To check your concepts
2) To check the materal coverage
3) To check the completeness of
the material
4) to make sure which comes first
(well graded)
Material Development
Writing a text book
1. Formulating the concept
2. Mapping
3. Drafting
4. Sending the draft to the editor
5. Checking the feedback
6. Sending the revised material for the lay out
7. Checking the white printed material
8. The material is ready to be printed
Thank you!