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Multi-word verbs
Unit 6
• They are combinations of VERB + particles
(at, away, down, in, on, up)
• There are different types:
1. Without an object (Something has come
2. With an object-separable (Could you turn
on the coffee machine? Could you turn the
coffee machine on?)
. Many phrasal verbs are informal (How did
you find out?)
4. Many phrasal verbs are idiomatic; their
meaning is difficult to interpret:
away (creating distance)
I’m going away next week.
on (continuing)
Carry on the good work.
over (considering)
I need time to think it over.
up (completing)
Some urgent matters need clearing
Drink up. We’ ve got to go.
Match these sentence
• Last week, I had to look • come over and see them in
• First, I showed them Coimbra
around • the Old Town
• I certainly look forward • after five clients from
• I hope I can take Portugal
• One of them did not turn • on really well
• The food was deliciuos, and • to a very good restaurant
we all got • to seeing them all again
• Then, I took them out • up their invitation next
• They said I should summer
• up, unfortunately
Correct the sentences where
the wrong particle is used :
• Eric was so busy that he turned down
out invitation for dinner.
• They called off the meeting because
of the flu epidemic.
• Our hosts looked after us extremely
• They ran down a $1000 bill at the
Astoria restaurant last week.
• Companies now have to cut up
corporate gift giving.
Cross out the sentences which
are not correct.
• They called off the meeting.
• They called the meeting off.
• They called it off.
• Paul turned down the manager.
• Paul turned down him.
• Paul turned him down.
• Let’s put off the conference till next
• Let’s put the conference off till next
• Let’s put it off till next month.
• I look forward to the seminar.
• I look it forward to.
• I look forward to it.
Socialising : greetings
and small talks
• What do you say to a business
contact when:
• you introduce yoursekf?
• you introduce another person?
• you are introduced to another
Work in pairs
• SB page 55
• You are at a conference. You
recognise someone you met at a
conference 2 years ago. Introduce
yourself and make small talk. Use
your role card to prepare for a