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IPA Component IV - Human Resources Development - European Union Program for Croatia

Qualification Strategy-
Main project partner

A plan for structured

This project is implemented by
a SQA-led consortium
David Tournay

Project office: Lastovska 23, 1000 Zagreb, Tel: + 385 1 62 74 681

Sector Qualification Strategy – what is it?
 Plan for what is needed to ensure training and
qualifications are focused on the needs of employers
 Plan for what qualifications need to be revised or newly
 Tool to ensures that development is co-ordinated and
organised within and across sectors
 Reference tool for all partners involved, including
government, employers, VET Schools, trade bodies
 Benchmark to measure progress
Why plan qualifications?
1. Need to understand 2. Want to build on what 3. Want to ensure that
what already exists works well in terms of qualifications prepare
learning and workforce for the future

4. Want to build 5. Want to ensure that

qualifications based on qualifications support
what employers value genuine workforce

6. Want to ensure that 7. Want to highlight the 8. Want to ensure that work
qualifications have long different ‘purposes’ that based qualifications
term benefits to qualifications can have provide progression from
industry and the wider school based qualifications
The process: 6. Produce action plans

5. Develop clear objectives about

priority activities

4. Talk to employers about future needs

and what they want from vocational

3. Identify further information

needed Gain input from VET
Schools as well
2. Gather information that you
already have about qualifications May need to do some
and training field based research

1. Read the template sections to

understand what is required Much of this will be in
the ‘Sector Profile’
Template in summary:
Data about your industry
sector and its employers

Gain input from

VET Schools
What is already out there
being used? – what are its
strengths and weaknesses? Must have
More employer
employer input

Clear plan for the future based on evidence.

Clear set of objectives about what has to be
Who to involve?
 Development should be led by 1 person in the Sector
 Involve other members of the team especially senior
management – this is a strategic document
 Employers – of all sizes, directly and through unions,
trade associations. Via one to one meetings and/or
 VET Schools – via existing contact or workshops
 Must gain commitment from partners
 Involve in the whole process and ask for comment on
What happens when it is complete?
 Ensure the strategy is distributed and shared
 May want to break strategy down into smaller ‘action
plans’ to help manage its implementation
 Ensure it is constantly used to inform development
 Do not let it sit on a shelf!
 Review the strategy regularly – is it still relevant, is it up
to date?
 Ensure employers are involved with review – can they
see the results yet?