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Country Paper: Mang Inasal as a Proposed

Business in Hongkong

This paper proposes to establish Mang Inasal, a barbecue

fast food restaurant chain in Hongkong. Mang Inasal is known for
its authentic fusion of traditional Filipino cuisine with the dine-in
concept. It is famous for its native-style and “nuot-sarap”
Chicken Inasal with its pioneering “unlimited rice”, Mang Inasal
quickly won the hearts of its customers with its distinctively
Pinoy stamp-grilling and special marinade made out of local
secret spices.
History of Hong Kong:

During the Tang Dynasty, the Tuen Mun region of Hong Kong
served as a port naval base, salt production centre and base for
the exploitation of pearls. They were colonized by the Great
Britain during the Qing Dynasty. China exported tea to the British
Empire in exchanged for clocks, watches, silver and opium. The
opposition for the Opium trade led to the First Opium War. The
British and Chinese government signed the Second Convention
of Peking.
Present Hong Kong

The National People’s Congress formally ratified the Basic Law on

April 4, 1990, which took effect on July 1, 1997, and established
the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region directly under the
Chinese central government. The years after reunification
generally were prosperous, as Hong Kong’s economy
experienced steady growth, despite its heavy dependence on
global economic conditions.
The Country’s Environment –
Socio Cultural Aspect
• Geographical
 Location
 Population
 Climate
• Education
• Language
• Religion
The Country’s
Environment –
Technological Aspect
Concerns for survival, growth, and profitability - ”We continuously grow our
business” The company would conduct its operations very well to provide the profits,
growth which will ensure Siemens’ success in the future.

Philosophy -”A learning organization with dynamic integrated business processes.

“Siemens has a strong sense of responsibility towards society and its environment.

Self - concept - We provide best-in-class electrical and electronic engineering

solutions, products and services.” As of the moment, Siemens was able to capture
large hospitals in the Philippines to be its primary customers.
The Country’s
Environment –
Technological Aspect

Companies in Hong Kong are becoming increasingly more conscious about the
problems caused by pollution and have turned their attention towards environmental
protection and the use of environmentally friendly technologies.
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
Environment –
Economic Aspect
The Country’s
• Environment –
Environmental Aspect
• Hong Kong has a moderately substantial number of mineral occurrences
despite its small size.


• The Natural Resources & Nature Conservation Policy in Hong Kong Nature
• The Wilderness Hong Kong
• Insurance of Endangered Species.


• The tourism business is a main pillar of the economy of Hong Kong.
The Country’s
Environment –
Political Aspect
• Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.
Following British control from 1842 to 1997
• Head of Government: Chief Executive
• Cabinet: Executive Council
• Legislature: Legislative Council, 70 seats
• Highest Court: Court of Final Appeal
The Country’s
Environment – • Employment of Young Persons Industry
Political Aspect Employment Law In Hong Kong
An employee under a continuous contract
Government is entitled:
• Head of Government: Chief Executive • End of year payment equal to one
• Cabinet: Executive Council month's salary
• Legislature: Legislative Council, 70 • Sickness allowance
seats • Paid leave for public holidays
• Highest Court: Court of Final Appeal
• Employment Ordinance
• Employment Agency Regulations
• Employment Agency Regulations

This paper focuses on exporting a Filipino fast food

chain in Hong Kong, China. Our target market is not
only the Filipinos but also the Chinese people. Mang
Inasal is suited within the premises of Hong Kong. The
establishment for Mang Inasal would be located at
Hong Kong specifically in Lantau Island.
Product and Service
Competitive Advantages
1. Affordable Cost
Mang Inasal offers products like rice meal and some desserts at a cheap price. A rice
meal at 119 pesos is already unli rice and has drinks with it too.
2. Uniqueness of Taste
It offers chicken with a native-style taste. The grilled-chicken served to customers is
composed of secret local spices, which gives a palatable aroma to the product itself.
3. Unlimited Rice
Mang Inasal is the most common fastfood chain that offers unlimited rice with grilled-
chicken in the Philippines.
4. Sure Market
Since there will be tourists too in Hongkong, and there are Filipinos too, there is a sure
market already established in the place.
High Food Service Quality
The management will give their all out service to the customers just like what is
offered here in the Philippines.
S.W.O.T Analysis
Opportunities for
International Trade
The Country’s
Environment –
Potential Threats
The Country’s
Environment –
Potential Threats
Government Revaluation
• The rateable values will be reviewed annually in the general revaluation.

• Rental levels for different types of properties and for properties in different
locations change over time.

• High prices remain a formidable barrier for many people, especially those of
low socio economics status, to adopt a healthier diet.

• Increasing attention has been paid to the use of economic incentives in

modifying individuals dietary behaviour.
The Country’s
Strategic Adjustment &

• Study and learn about the host country’s culture

• Determine the current status of foreign exchange
• Promotion and Advertisements
• Offer a portion of Chinese cuisine
• Have a competitive price by considering the prices of other business
With Mang Inasal’s high quality and unique products and services, it can
capture the attention of many Hongkong Chinese and Tourist people in
Hongkong. Because of what they have to offer, the fast-food chain is sure that
their consumers Hongkong will always be going back to them. And the tourist
would remember the name Mang Inasal as one of the best one stop fast-food
chain when it comes to grilled chicken. Penetrating Hongkong’s market with
this vast variety of offered products imposes an opportunity for the firm to
increase its sales and the expansion of the business itself. Mang Inasal will be
able to establish their own name in the international market and that will
pave way for them so they could line themselves up with the other respected
international fast-food chain.
Hong Kong Regulations

• Import tariffs
• Custom Valuation
• Trade Barriers
• Labelling and Marking Requirements
• Prohibited and Restricted Imports
• Standards
• Standard Organization
• Accreditation
• Technical Regulations
• Labelling and Marking
• Trade Agreements
Country: Hongkong
Presentors: Business: Mang Inasal
Arape, Neil Justine Date of Presentation:
May 4, 2018
Banaag, Angella Celine
Del Rosario, Christine Joy
Diokno, Jay Rick
Melad, Timothy
Racal, Chero
Rivera, Ervin John
Sian, Gian Cholo