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A presentation on


Presented by :
Govind Singh Kushwaha
This presentation delves into the details of various
industries of Uttaranchal, their growth and further
General Information
Uttaranchal became the 27th state of the Republic of India
on the 9th of November 2000.

The State is carved out of Uttar Pradesh.

It occupies 1.73% of India’s total land area with 51,125

sq. km.

It borders Tibet, Nepal, Himachal Pradesh & Uttar

Industries in Uttaranchal

Traditional Industries Sunrise Industries

 Tourism  Biotechnology
 Hydropower  Agro Based & Food
Processing Industry
 Handicrafts
 Floriculture
 Wool based Industry
 Recreation &
Entertainment Industry
Uttaranchal is endowed with natural beauty,
varied terrains, pilgrimage centers and the
hill stations
Popular tourist destination of India
Major source of employment and revenue
Extreme sports which can grow in tandem with

 River Rafting
 Places like Rishikesh, Gangotri &
Yamunotri are suitable

 Trekking
 Garhwal Trekking, Panch Kedar Trek,
Kedarnath-Vasuki Tal Trek, Gangotri-
Kedarnath Trek
 Skiing

 Places where it can flourish are

Auli, Munsiyari, Mundali

 Mountaineering
 Milam, Pindari, Panchachuli,
Nanda Devi and other places
provide great adventure for
 Availability of gushing rivers provides a huge opportunity
for Hydropower generation
Uttaranchal has a hydropower potential of the order of
15,000 MW
 Against which only about 1124 MW has been harnessed
so far
 After the formation of the state “Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut
Nigam Limited” (UJVNL) was incorporated with the
objective of operating, maintaining & constructing Hydro
Power Plants.
Presently running projects
 four large (>100 MW),
 four medium (25 MW-100MW) and
 32 small (<25 MW)
Hydro Power Plants, are owned,
operated & maintained by Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut Nigam
Tehri Dam: A great asset
5th tallest dam in the world
2400 MW of power
 Handicrafts
• Carpet Weaving
• Wood Carving
• Brassware

 Facilitation of these sectors through providing training

centers by Master Craftsmen
 Proper marketing of these products at Tourists Outlets
Wool Based Industry
 A large chunk of population is involved in sheep
breeding & wool production
 Special emphasis on good quality raw material, wool
processing, and design improvement
 Establishing Wool Banks & Wool Auction Yards
 Uttaranchal is well known for its vast flora & fauna
 Two third area is under forest cover

 An MoU (Memorendum of Understanding) has been
signed between Rabo India Finance Company & the G. B.
Pant University of Agriculture & Technology to jointly
pursue research in food & agriculture sector.
Agro based & Food Processing Industry

 Production of large varieties of cereals, fruits, vegetables

and spices
 A large quantity is wasted because of lack of storage &
processing facilities
 For proper functioning a chain of communication &
distribution channels with effective linkages is required
 Uttaranchal has a rare diversity of flowers & excellent
climatic conditions conducive to floriculture
 Floriculture Park with proper infrastructural facilities
• Pre-cooling
• Cooling
• Processing
• Packing
• Marketing
Recreation & Entertainment Industry
 Innumerable spots of natural & scenic beauty
 Can be established in tandem with Tourism industry
 Establishment of
• Amusement Parks
• Jungle Safaris
• Botanical Parks
• Nature Parks

 Excellent location for shooting of films

 Other facilities in this direction for printing, dubbing &
editing of films can prove helpful
Areas of concern
 High quality world class infrastructure
 Land availability
 Encourage private sector participation
 Assured, good quality, uninterrupted and affordable
Power Supply
 Simplifying & rationalising labor laws
 Strengthening air, road & rail connectivity
 Developing Uttaranchal as a premier education and
research centre
The inherent advantage of the state, progressive
and conducive policies can make Uttaranchal an
economically self sufficient state
We are going in the right direction but we need to
push our limits to project Uttaranchal as an extra-
ordinary state from an ordinary one, and
The difference between Both is the little extra.