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Caked Bakery

Team 2: Jessica Dy, Joel Harina,

Joshua Henebry, & Michael Tran
About Caked Bakery
● Kathy Phan’s first year startup
● Ran from home
● Wants to make it full time
● Recently added to Yelp!
● In the next 3-5 years
Wants to an actual store front
● Aspires to be as big as
Edible Arrangements
“Why did you decide to open Caked?”
“I’ve always loved baking. Especially since I
love eating desserts myself. I've always
received compliments on my desserts which
makes me enjoy sharing them with others.
I've also always wanted to start my own
business and be my own boss. I want to
see if I can make it even though statistically
most restaurants fail.” - Kathy Phan
Competitive Arena
● College Students
● Young Adults
● Businesses and Companies
catered meetings or events
Delivery Process
● Orders taken by phone, text, or email
● E-commerce being added to her website
● Products made fresh daily
● Afternoon deliveries or customers pick up
● Catered events are delivered
● Deliveries may not continue when
the shop opens
Plans for Mobile Application
● No Mobile Application at this time
● Plans to have an in house application
Made by her CIO Hieu Do
● App will allow customers to make orders,
customize cookies, and schedule deliveries
Customer Payments

● Square App for Point of Sale transactions

● Customers can order and customize on the website.

● Venmo app is also used for payment transactions

Marketing tactics

● Networking with people she knows

● Reaching out to other companies

● Home website

● Social Media
Product Differentiation
● Caked Bakery wants to be known for
product differentiation.
● Some unique products that they plan to
sell are Crepe Cakes, Cake cones, and
Cupcake Bouquets.
Current IT Architecture
Proposed IT Architecture
Quantitative Scores

Dimension Score
Staff 3
Technology 5
Business Process (Orders) 3
IS Strategic Plan : Cloud-based ERP System
Short term goals:

● Gain better e-commerce abilities

● Improve ordering process and
inventory management

Long term goals:

● Gain insight on future business

● Have a system in place that will
grow alongside the company
Current Ordering Process
Reengineered Business Process