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(4 years old)
Topic : Greetings
Skills : B1 1.3.1
Participate politely in daily conversations to: v) make simple requests
Learning Outcomes :
By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to participate politely in daily
conversations using “Please” to make simple requests.

Success Criteria:
1. Product : Pupils will be able to make 5 simple requests using “Please” with their
partners or teachers.
2. Process :
a} Pupils will be able to listen and sing along an action song consisting of 5
b} Pupils will be able to make simple requests to friends or teacher using the
word “Please” with actions.
Timing Pupils Activities Teacher’s Activities Resources Formative
Starter Pupils listen to a 1. Teacher projects Youtube -
nursery rhymes the song on the
related to ‘action screen
words’.Pupils watch
and listen.
Main 1.Pupils sing the song by 1.Teacher projects the Youtube -Peer
Activity watching the video. song on the screen. Puzzle bits Assessment
2.Pupils mime the 2. Teacher teaches pupils (during the role
actions.Pupils get a the action using the word play process)-
partner and make “Please”. Formative
requests using the word 3. Teacher observes and Assessment
“Please” (Role Play). guides the pupils. (during the role
3.Pupils walk around and 4.Teacher responds and play with
make any request that guides. teacher and
they have learnt with 5. Teacher divides pupils during fixing the
other friends or in group of three. puzzle)
teacher.In group of three, 6.Teacher distributes the
4.Pupils fix a puzzle with puzzle bits to each group.
an action which they
have learnt earlier.
5. Pupils practice making
polite requests using the
word “Please” in their
Plenary 1. Pupils colour 1. Teacher Colouring
pictures of the 5 distributes the pageYoutu
different actions colouring page.2. be
while listening and Teacher plays the
singing the nursery nursery rhyme.