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Formulation of cereal with Moringa Oleifera leaf

& Red bean Flour Substitution As a Solution to

Eradicate Malnutrition In Indonesia

16.1 million people of
Indonesia are having
poverty cases.

Food commodities has a most

important role of poverty; rather
than non-food commodities
(home, education, and health)
• Poverty is a state or condition in which a
person or community lacks the financial
resources and essentials to enjoy a minimum
standard of life and well-being.
• It is about not having enough food, clothing,
and shelter.


• Indonesia is one of the most populated
countries in the world where almost half of
the population live below the poverty line.
• Two serious problems in Indonesia we need to
pay extra attention to are: poverty and
• Malnutrition in Indonesia caused by poverty.
Creative Idea
As a student and a young generation of
Indonesia, the writer has an idea by making a
formulation of cereal with Moringa oleifera leaf
and red bean flour substitution as an innovation
to eradicate malnutrition in Indonesia.
The Problems
• 75.35% Indonesian suffer malnutrition.
• Malnutrition cases would hampering the plan of National
Development in 2045 due to declining the quality of human
resources (Indonesian people).

National Development in 2045

The purpose
Giving an idea to the society about how to eradicate
malnutrition cases by producing a food product which
becomes a basic needed to realizing a good quality of
Indonesia people for the realization of National
Development in 2045.

Good qualities of
Development in
human resources
Why should be cereal??
“Moringa shows great promise as a tool to help
overcome some of the most severe problems in
developing world-malnutrition, anti-cancer,
impure water and poverty. The tree does best in
the dry regions where these problem a worst.”
-Andrew Young
Making Cereal of Moringa Oleifera
flour and Red Bean Substitution

1. Mixing (Moringa oleifera leaf flour and read bean

2. Adding with other ingredients (CMC, sugar, salt,
3. Mixing all the ingredients
4. Milling the dough
5. Drying (100 oC during an hour)
6. Smashing
7. Packing
The formulation of cereal with Moringa
Oleifera leaf and Red Bean Flour
Substitution is a great solution to
eradicate malnutrition in Indonesia, so
that National Development could be
realized in 2045.
Thankyou 