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A. Bati-Cobra* L. Holen* Mangis*

B. Tatlumpu at Isa* M. Juego de Anillo W. Takyan*
C. Shatong* N. Kalahoyo X. Tangga
D. Biakan O. Bombahan Y. Tatsing*
E. Billar de P. Lipay Z. Pacuring*
Barimbao Q. Pata AA. Tupa
F. Buga R. Pabagsak
G. Buko* S. Palmo*
H. Fung* T. Pispis Ining
I. Gonggongan* Pikoy*
J. Guinnayang U. Sipa*
K. Payas V. Kasipa sa
Setting: Outdoors
Props: Two bamboo sticks of unequal length.
Long piece(bat) = 2 ft long; Short piece= 2-4
inches long
Objective: The batter is to hit the short stick in
such a manner that no player catches it; the rest
of the players each tries to catch the short stick
to get the batter out.
Tatlumpu at Isa (Thirty-one)
Setting: Outdoors
Props: Two bamboo sticks of unequal length.
Long piece(bat) = 1 m long, 1.5 in wide; Short
piece(anak)= 1/3 ft long, 1 in wide
Objective: Each player (team) tries to hit a small
stick from a hole to a distance as long as the
wooden bat used
Buko (Coconut Volleyball)
Setting: Outdoors. Daytime.
Props: A dried up young coconut with husk. Two
bamboo or wooden poles, around 6 to 8 ft long.
A piece of rope around 12 m long.
Objective: To hit the bump back and forth over
the rope without
(A) dropping the coconut inside one’s side of the
(B) touching the rope or strip of bamboo with a
hand or with the coconut
Setting: Outdoors. Daytime.
Props: A dried up young coconut with husk. A bamboo section or wood
to serve as a bat
Objective: Each player is to catch a “flying” coconut hit by the batter or
stop the coconut if the batter decides to roll it on the ground with a
whack by his bat
Setting: Outdoors.
Props: A rattan hoop. Each player should have a
stick about 1 m long
Objective: The captain of one team is to roll
(gulong) the rattan hoop on a line of the
rectangle; the members of the rival team are to
try to stop the hoop by thrusting their sticks
through it
Holen (Marbles)
Setting: Outdoors.
Props: Each player must have one marble
Objective: To “shoot” a marble succesfully from
the first hole on to the fifth then retrace one’s
step back to the starting line
Palmo (Rolling and Hitting Coins)
Setting: Outdoors in a place near a concrete fence or a building with a
strong wooden or brick wall.
Props: Each player nut have a centavo and an extra supply of coins
Objective: To roll a coin against a wall and then hit the coin closest to
where one’s coin landed
Pipis Ining Pikoy (Game of Pikoy)
Setting: Indoors or outdoors. Nighttime during wakes or vigil over the
Props: Any round object, e.g., a ball,old socks rolled into a ball, a ball of
string or yarn, etc.
Objective: To pass the ball around the circle by hitting it without using
the hands
Sipa (Rattan Football)
Setting: Outdoors. A levelled clearing. Daytime.
Props: Rattan ball
Objective: Each player is to kick the ball in such a manner that
(a) it is hard for the opponent(s) to return the ball or
(b) the opponent(s) commit/s errors and misplays
Kasipa sa Mangis (Kick a Ball at a Net)
Setting: Outdoors. Daytime, during special occasions like weddings,
feasts, etc.
Props: Rattan ball, dalapi to protect the foot, bright coloured
Objective: To knock down the gifts from the net
Setting: Outdoors.
Props: takyan
Objective: To kick the lead washer continuously
without dropping it on the ground
Tatsing (Bottle caps in square)
Setting: Outdoors.
Props: Each player should have a good supply of
bottle caps (tansan). Coins may be used if bottle
caps are not available. A ROund, smooth pamato
or round stone (taw)
Objective: To knock out from the square as many
bottle caps as possible without leaving one’s
pamato inside