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REV 02-18-2016

Who Uses Ignition?

Industry Recognition
Ignition: Industrial Application Platform

The world’s first database-centric, 100% cross-platform,

web-deployed industrial application platform for HMI/SCADA.
Ignition: Industrial Application Platform

One Universal Platform for


• Unlimited licensing model

• Cross-platform compatibility
• Based on IT-standard technologies
• Scalable server-client architecture
• Web-managed
• Web-launched on desktop or mobile
• Modular configurability
About Ignition

The 6 Fundamentals of Ignition

Web-Based Unlimited Security

Deployment Licensing & Stability

Easy Rapid Real-Time Control

Expandability Development & Monitoring
Ignition: The Ultimate in Data Acquisition
What are Modules?
Standard Architecture
Mission Critical
Reliable Remote Data Logging
Bridge Corporate & Control Networks
Bridge Corporate & Control Networks
Ignition IIoT Architectures

Private On-Premise
Network Solution
What Does
Ignition Do?
What Does Ignition Do?

The normal HMI/SCADA stuff, but a lot better.

What Does Ignition Do?

An integrated high-performance historian

What Does Ignition Do?

Quickly create dynamic, professional-quality reports

What Does Ignition Do?

Build database applications.

What Does Ignition Do?

State-of-the-art Alarming
What Does Ignition Do?

Streamline the creation, organization, and visualization of robust logic systems.

What Does Ignition Do?

Host a variety of MES applications.

What Does Ignition Do?

Mix and match all of these components in any way you want.
What Does Ignition Do?

Enhance the scalability of your Ignition system with the EAM Module.
What Does Ignition Do?

Create an efficient & secure IIoT data pipeline through MQTT.

What Makes Ignition So Special?

Hassle-Free Fast Installation & Rapid Design

Licensing Deployment & Development

Flexible Easy to
& Scalable Implement
Hassle-Free Licensing

Sold by the Unlimited, Free, Unlimited, Free,

Server License Web-Launched Clients Concurrent Designers

Unlimited, High-Performance Reporting

Free Tags Historian Engine
Fast Installation & Deployment

Installs on your server in under 3 minutes.

Fast Installation & Deployment

Launch run-time clients in just seconds.

Fast Installation & Deployment

Fully cross-platform

PC Mac Linux
Rapid Design & Development

Concurrent development from as many design clients as needed

Flexible & Scalable

It’s massively scalable (with ease).

Flexible & Scalable

Add redundancy in just a few minutes.

Easy to Implement

Ignition is IT friendly.
The Bottom Line

Unlimited Tags

Unlimited Clients
Unlimited Screens
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Connections
Unlimited Devices

No surprises. Get Everything

Pay One Price per Server License You Need!