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Automatic Multi Purpose

Agricultural Machine Using Solar

(4 row seeding mechanism, 4 digging mechanism, 4 sprayer mechanism)

A manually operated template row planter was designed and developed to improve
planting efficiency and reduce drudgery involved in manual planting method. Seed
planting is also possible for different size of seed at variable depth and space between
two seed. Also it increased seed planting, seed/fertilizer placement accuracies and it was
made of durable and cheap material affordable for the small scale peasant farmers. The
operating, adjusting and maintaining principles were made simple for effective handling
by unskilled operators (farmers).

Now the approach of this project is to develop the machine to minimize the working cost
and also to reduce the time for digging and seed sowing operation by utilizing solar energy
to run the agriculture machine. In this machine solar panel is used to capture solar energy
and then it is converted into electrical energy which in turn is used to charge 12V battery,
which then gives the necessary power to a shunt wound DC motor. This power is then
transmitted to the DC motor to drive the wheels. And to further reduction of labor
dependency, Here 4 post motor seeding mechanism is used to define the territory. Seed
sowing and digging vehicle will move on different ground contours and performs digging,
sow the seed and spraying water the ground after closing.

Reduces the amount of manpower requirement. Gradually

reduces the amount of the time required for sowing seeds and
fertilization. The technique of sowing and fertilization is
automatic. Seeds are being sowed in multiple rows at an single
instance (4 rows at a time). Proper and accurate (fixed) distance
is maintained between seeds. Wastage of seeds and fertilizers are
reduced to a large amount. Increased efficiency as the device runs
on battery. Use of solar panel operation avoids dependence of
electricity. Due to proper cultivation of seeds the harvesting of
the crop is done at once that is no crop grows earlier or later the
yield comes at once. To remove the weeds that grows along with
the crop. It causes no pollution or any kind of harm to the

The solar operated automatic seed sowing machine developed has the
following Performance characteristics.
•Working speed of the machine depends upon the DC motor and energy
stored in the battery.
•Prototype Machine can dig the soil in three rows up to 5 inch by rotating the
digging tool by the help of DC motor.
•Digging speed depends on the moisture content in the soil and tool tip.
•At the same instant from the seed dropper seed is placed in all the three rows
at a distance of 4 inch.
•No. Of seed placing at an instant can be varied by altering the size of holes
in the dropper.
Material specification

•Solar penal 12v 30 w 1 no

•Battery 12 20 amp 1 no
•Motorized seeding mechanism 12v 60 rpm motor 4 no
•wheels 4 no
•motorized spryer 12v 1 no
•motorized Digging mechanism spur gear and worm gear
•4 no
•Mechanical frame 1 no
•Switch controlling system
•Vehicle forwarding motor 1 no
•Small accessories ………
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