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RBS6000/2nd DUW Expansion

• 2nd Carrier Configure MoP Introduction
• 3rd Carrier Activation
• Iub BW & CID Experience Sharing
• Q and A
Expanding to 2nd DUW
• The expanding can be done with a 8U subrack or with a DUx adaptor
• import configuration (cabinet, site & mib)
• Insert 2nd DUW into the expansion (still powered down)
• Make sure the ManagedElementData:: autoConfigurationAllowed is true
• Power up 2nd DUW
• Connect your PC with the serial interface to the 2nd DUW and format both harddrives (c2 & d)
• Connect the IDL cable between both DUWs
(ATTENTION: connect the side with “PRIM” to the 1st DUW and the side with “SEC” to the 2nd
• Run the modify script to add the 2nd DUW to the RBS (switch on 2nd DUW if you see “waiting for
start up of board” in the Modify-Wizzard)
• Restart NodeB
• Check the status of the 2nd DUW with EMAS (needs to be enabled)
Expanding RBS6000 with 2nd DUW
and RUWs

• IDL decides which DUW is Primary or Standby.

• Carriers assignment between DUW1(Primary) and DUW2(Secondary):
More information can be found in DUW Overview
Hs/EUL coderesources
• The HS/EUL coderesources activate on bbp1 and bbp2 in DUW1&2.
• numEulResources: 1
• numHsCodeRsources:2
LKF check rbslocalcell
• RbsLocalCell::HsdpaDynamicCodeAllocation
• RbsLocalCell::featureStateEnhancedLayer2
• RbsLocalCell ::HsdpaMcInactCtrl (Multi-Carrier)
• RbsLocalCell ::HsdpaMc(Multi-Carrier)
• RbsLocalCell::maxNumHsPdschCodes 15
• RbsLocalCell::maxNumHsdpaUsers 64
• RbsLocalCell::maxNumEulUsers 64
• NodeBFunction=1::featureStateHsdpaMcInterDuSched
LKF check NodeBfunction
• NodeBFunction::featureStateHsdpaFlexibleScheduler
• NodeBFunction::featureState16Qam
• NodeBFunction ::featureStateEul2msTti
• NodeBFunction::featureStateHsdpaFlexibleScheduler
• NodeBFunction::featureStateIncrNumHsCodes
• NodeBFunction::featureStateGrake
• NodeBFunction::featureState64Qam
• NodeBFunction:: featureStateDualStackIub
Set Tpa power
• Set Tpadevice::maxTotalOutputPower 60
RRC Connection Handling
1. The RRC connection is considered complete only after item 15 (RRC
Connection Setup Complete)

2. Item 3 is related to algorithms activation, inlcuding Admission Control.

3. Item 7 refers to TN layer.

4. In conclusion, any event occuring after item 3 will increment the

counter pmNoFailedAfterAdm.

• There are many possible causes for pmNoFailedAfterAdm being

incremented. TN causes are only a part of it.

• Moreover, almost all problems related to TN layer will impact on this