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Just Make Your Hair

Gorgeous Comparatively
Very Beautiful By Others
by Adopting Our
Effective Hair
Beautifying Treatments
Making good hair days better
Hair is a reflection of our unique
identity. Our hair needs proper
treatment and care to maintain its
health, vitality and lustre - and that’s
what we’re here for. With over 20
years of expertise, we at H’AIR -
Trichology by Leonica K are dedicated
to resolving hair and scalp issues using
tried-and-proven trichological
Trichological approach to hair loss

Hair consists of protein and grows from

hair follicles in the outer layer of the scalp.
Each hair goes through a life cycle – an
active growth phase (anagen), a
transitional phase (catagen) and a resting
phase (telogen), when the hair is shed and
a new hair starts to grow. Hair loss occurs
when hair growth is interrupted, resulting
in the thinning of new hair and premature
or excessive hair shedding. There are many
types of hair loss with different underlying
Common types of hair loss include
male/female pattern hair loss
(Androgenetic Alopecia), diffused hair
loss (Telogen Effluvium), spot baldness
(Alopecia Areata) and hair breakages
(which can be due to cosmetic
processing or hair pulling).

The trichological approach to treating

hair loss is to ascertain the causes of
the condition, then to formulate a
course of treatment aimed at treating
the root causes to eradicate and/or
restore healthy scalp and hair growth.
We are a one-stop trichological practice
that caters to hair loss issues with bespoke
treatments and established methods. The
process begins with an appointment for a
one-to-one consultation session with
Leonica Kei, the founder and principal
trichologist. During the consultation, the
client's condition will be diagnosed and
results will be explained in detail, together
with the course of treatment and expected
outcome. Treatments are performed at our
centre, and suitable hair care products will
also be recommended for follow-up home
Contact Details:

65 6834 0988
390 Orchard Road, Palais
Renaissance #03-08,
Singapore 238871
8366 0078
Monday – Saturday 10.00
am to 7.30 pm
Sunday 11.00 am to 6.30
pm ( closed on alternate
Sundays )